What’s the Best Way to See & Experience Singapore?

Singapore is a unique location; once the hub for western colonization, this alluring tropical island state has a long and colorful history and if you are looking to spend some time in Singapore, we offer a few tips to ensure that your Singapore experience is a memorable one.

  • Private Yacht Charters – There are luxury private yacht charters in Singapore from a leading yacht broker and you can customise your floating holiday. There are many small islands to explore and you can dine at one of the port restaurants and sample the local cuisine. The operator is very flexible and can accommodate a day trip or a 2-week cruise around the region, including the Andaman Sea and parts of Malaysia. Some people split their time 50-50 with a hotel and yacht charter, which gives you two different insights into this unique country. If you fancy disappearing for two weeks, you can charter a crewed yacht and plan your own route and booking now for next year would get you the best rates. The yacht broker’s website is full of information about the region and you can always consult the broker, who is always happy to advise on any aspect of yacht charter. There are more than 50 small islands, so there are lots of quiet bays where you can moor for the evening and the captain would take you on a scenic route to include Singapore at night.
  • Hotel & Resort Packages – If you fancy a week at one of the best hotels in Singapore, there are some great deals online that include things like free drinks for 3-4 hours every night, which is very popular! Imagine being able to go through their cocktail menu without having to look at the prices! Not that we recommend doing this, we most certainly do not! Use Google to search for Singapore hotels and resorts; there are some natural resorts away from the city that come highly recommended. Here is an interesting article on co-living holidays, which are becoming very popular.
  • Guided Tours – While most people prefer solo exploration, there are guided tours that take in all the best locations, while you also get the historical aspect from the guides, which enriches the experience. It might be an idea to book several of these day trips spread evenly through your stay and you can do that online. This would give you an insight into the various groups of local Malay people, especially the fishing community. See how they live a simple life and many people are actually envious, as they are not stressed and can’t focus on living in the moment.
  • Nature Reserves – While most of Singapore fell to development, there are still areas such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Sungei Buloh Reserve where you can enjoy the tropical rainforests and varied wildlife. The former is set on the side of a hill and is only 12km from the downtown area, making it very accessible. While the percentage of natural land is very low, not all the natural beauty is lost and you can allocate some of your time at these venues.
  • Game Fishing – Why not spend a day deep sea fishing, searching for a monster marlin! A Google search will put you in touch with a fishing tour operator and the day would typically involve a little off-shore trawling to catch your bait and then it’s out into the open ocean where the big fish are. You can BBQ your catch that night for an amazing seafood meal and don’t forget to take some photos of your best catch.
  • Singapore Nightlife – This country saw 18 million tourists in 2018, which is 3 times the total population, so there’s plenty to see and do. The city core area undergoes an instant transformation when the sun goes down and offices close and bars and nightclubs open their doors. These bars service the business tycoons that work in the CBD and there are some great venues that are steeped in history, with some amazing rooftop bars where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Club Street in Chinatown is a great place to get something to eat and later in the evening, you can dance the night away at Clarke Quay. Orchard Road is another lively evening area that is host to many bars.

Of course, a lot depends on how much time you have to explore Singapore, which has much to offer the tourist. The Internet can help you to plan your holiday and when you are ready, you can make the bookings online, which will likely save you some money. Singapore is a very popular tourist destination and is the perfect place to enjoy the summer of 2022.

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