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Key Factors to Consider When Buying Cars for Teenagers

Choosing a car for teenagers is not the same as choosing a car for an experienced driver. In the majority of cases, a teenager will want the best looking car in the market. However, parents should not consider the appearance of the vehicle. The first thing to look at should be the safety technologies in the car. The ideal decision would be to buy the newest car, which is full of all the technologies assisting the driver.

However, only a small group of people can afford to buy their teenagers a brand new car, which is full of the newest technologies straight away. Honestly saying, it is not a must. There are numerous private parties, who sell their cars for cash. These vehicles can be in perfect condition and have all the needed technologies for young drivers. The following section focuses on the key factors that should be considered by parents when buying a used car for their kids.

Safety comes first

This is the highest concern that parents should have when buying a vehicle for their kids. Because of the lack of driving experience, the risk of them getting into an accident is much higher than in comparison to an experienced driver. Therefore, it is advised to select among cars that have all the needed safety technologies in place. They will make your kid more confident while driving and assist them when an emergency situation happens.

Some of the most important features are ESC (Electronic Stability Control), which makes use of brakes to keep the vehicle on its path instead of sliding during a turn, and curtain airbags. Other features that are highly essential for a new driver are automatic emergency braking (AEB) and forward-collision warning (FCW). As part of an assessment criterion, you can check a vehicle’s performance during crash tests conducted by the federal government.


It is another important factor that should be taken extremely seriously. You do not want your kid to have a first car that will require constant maintenance. Another reason for paying attention to this is the warranty. In the majority of cases, the manufacturer’s warranty in used cars has already expired. Therefore, the new owner will be responsible for all the repairs associated with the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the older the car is, the more maintenance it might need in the future. However, this is not always the case. Some cars are quite old but they are in good condition. It can be explained by the fact that owners of these cars are normally old people who have not taken these cars on long distances. Cars with low mileage are the ones that you should look for.

To have a thorough check of a vehicle, do not be greedy and spend an extra $100 to have it inspected by a professional mechanic. People, who are selling their cars for cash are not going to say anything negative about a car. Thus, a professional mechanic will be able to detect defects that you were not able to see.

Size and engine of the vehicle

This factor is normally underestimated by parents but it is also highly important. It is not recommended to buy big vehicles for inexperienced drivers. They will be extremely difficult to handle for young drivers, which will also have an impact on their safety. It is also not recommended to purchase sports cars because of the higher rate of accidents and higher insurance premiums.

There are a lot of online services where you can start a search for used vehicles and buy a car for cash. Apart from that, you can make use of private parties who are selling cars for cash. Another option could be dealers who are selling used cars as well. As you might have figured out, everything depends on your budget. Although, keep in mind all the aforementioned factors before making an actual purchase.

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