When Should You Seek Therapy?

While 65% of mentally distressed people seek medical therapy, the rest feel like they don’t need it. They are either in denial that they have a problem or don’t know if they should pay someone to listen to their problems.

Some life choices that were made for you or you made yourself can be disturbing, which leads to mental distress. But if you ignore the need to seek help, the situation can become worse.

There are many therapy clinics that you can visit and identify whether or not you have mental distress. Lifescapes counseling is one of the best facilities that offer therapeutic services. Nonetheless, if you don’t identify why you need their services, you will never find the need to visit the facility and your problems will stay with you.

Here are some signs that should convince you to visit a therapy clinic.

1- Intense feelings

Some life issues are distressing, but if the feeling becomes intense and unavoidable, consider seeking help.

The feeling might be extreme in the sense that you experience negative energy that is recurring. So, if some thoughts bring constant unhappiness and you feel like you don’t have answers, it’s time to see a therapist.

2- Big change

Suppose you know a friend who lost a parent or best friend, the person experiences a big life change. Change is inevitable, and it comes unexpectedly for some people.

Going through a big change alone can be very traumatizing. Therefore, you should be there for your friend and advise them to seek therapy.

3- Harmful thoughts

The first person you should love most is yourself. If you find you want to harm yourself, then there is a hidden psychological problem that you’re yet to uncover.

People with harmful thoughts should definitely seek help. Lifescapes Counseling uses a personal point of view and helps you identify the reasons why you want to harm yourself and works to resolve that.

4- When you start avoiding things that make you happy

Suppose you loved swimming and making friends, and then you suddenly want to be alone. This should act as a signal that something is wrong with you.

So, if trying to get back to your normal fun activities feels challenging, you may want to consider counseling.

5- Feeling alone

You might be trying to cope with addiction, but if you lack family support, or the support is not enough, you might feel alone.

A therapist offers personal support and guides you through your journey. So contact your nearest therapist if you feel alone even when you’re surrounded by people.

6- When you start using drugs to cope with a situation

You can take alcohol once in a while and medications prescribed by the doctor. However, if you find that you’re abusing drugs and alcohol to avoid feeling lonely or escape from reality, then it’s time to seek help.

Drug and alcohol abuse can affect your mental health, and just like other diseases, you need treatment. A therapist can open a discussion that will help you discover the root of your problems and nip it at the bud.

7- When you suspect you have mental problems

Often times, mentally ill people know they are heading towards mental illness but don’t do anything about it until it’s too late. When you start feeling intrusive and overly nervous, consider taking therapy sessions.

8- When you feel strained

Work can be an overwhelming endeavor, and the same goes with relationships, financial struggles, and almost everything else.

Talking to a professional in a facility like Lifescapes Counseling helps you feel relieved from all these worldly problems. Also, you learn the reasons behind the strain, and after several sessions, you’ll be able to deal with the problems on your own.


To sum it all up, your mental health is vital, and if you fail to care for it, it might lead to hazardous decisions. So, if you feel mentally disturbed or you know a friend who needs help, it’s advised to seek help from mental health professionals.

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