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When to Get Your Car to the Mechanic?

Picture this scene: It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and there is a breeze that softly ruffles your hair. Further, you’re driving your car with windows down and enjoying the ride. Suddenly, your car starts to smoke and stops, and the fun is over.

This would be a total nightmare. But it could have been prevented? It doesn’t apply to all the cases, but the answer is yes. Before a major failure, a vehicle always gives signs of something going wrong and needs a mechanic’s help. If you don’t know what these signs are, then stay with us because we will explain them.

1. Clutch and automatic transmission problems

There are common signs of clutch and automatic transmission problems. And they´re extremely obvious because weird noises and sounds can join them. If you notice any of them, then do not panic. Just take your vehicle to the car service to get it checked.

Signs of clutch and automatic transmission failure:

  • Clutch not coming back to its original position after releasing it
  • Clutch is harder or more lose than normal
  • Vibrations when accelerating or braking
  • Gear doesn’t change or it takes a long time to do so
  • Knocking sounds when changing the gear
  • You have a burnt smell

2. Problems with your brakes

All the components of your car are important, but brake failure can put your life at risk. Try to pay special attention to any sign of them failing. Remember that having your brakes in a good state can save your life. The most common signs of problems with this component are:

  • Screeching sound when using them
  • When braking in a straight line, the car goes sideways
  • One tire locks when braking
  • Vibrations in the pedal during braking
  • You need to push the pedal with more strength for it to work

3. Car battery dying

A really simple way to notice it is the dashboard light. If it’s turned on, then that could mean the battery is dying. So, whenever you see that light, take some time to check your battery. Also, there are other signs of the battery dying:

  • Slow engine start
  • Electronic devices not working properly (like the radio, AC, etc.)
  • Having a rotten eggs smell
  • The swollen battery of the box deformed

4. Problems with the engine

You can easily know when the dashboard engine light is lit up. Your engine has some sensors that monitor a lot of car systems. Another way to know is to have the engine shaking and making weird sounds. But remember that engines always do natural sound; it has to be an unusual one.

Having a weird smell is also a sign of engine problems. It could be due to leakage of the engine oils. Another sign is seeing smoke coming out in a weird color (super black, grey, or blue).

5. Tyres are worn out

Your tires need to have a good grip to respond quickly. It is easier to slip due to water because of worn-out tires. This is something that can be truly dangerous for you. Experts recommend changing them every 5 years with regular usage.

Furthermore, tires now come with some indicator bars that will show up with time. They are perpendicular; if you see them easily, then it’s time for a replacement. As well, seeing any bumps or cracks in the lateral sideways will mean that you need to change them.

6. The air conditioner failing

If you have realized that your air conditioner doesn’t work as usual, then check it. What would be the most common sign to realize that it’s not working fine? Well, not cooling or heating properly. It could be due to several reasons, but you need to have a professional check it.

Having an AC that doesn’t work is not a big deal only if you don’t live in places with extreme climates. But do not keep it malfunctioning for a long time. If you leave it that way, then it can cause other problems.

Now you know the signs that can save you trouble by spotting them in time. But many of you must want to stay away from the mechanic and do some maintenance jobs themselves. To accomplish that, we will give you some tips for easy and quick regular maintenance.

How to keep your car out of the mechanic for a longer period?

  • Check the car fluids often

This will avoid major problems. Check once a month the antifreeze, oils, and water supplier. This a simple way to keep your car working properly. Remember, to check the engine oil, you need to put your car on a flat surface. That way the dipstick will not give false lectures.

  • Visual check of the tires

This easy tire care tip will avoid any emergency tire service. Remember that urgency tends to happen when we have a lot of things to do. Avoid losing your time by simply doing visual checks.

Every day before getting inside your vehicle look at all your tyres. That way you can know if you have a deflated one and change it on time. As well, you will see any bump that may cause you trouble because tires can explode.

It is also important to check your tires every month and change them when necessary for several reasons. Tires are your vehicle’s only point of contact with the road, so it is important to make sure they are in good condition.

Check the tread depth regularly and look for any signs of damage, such as cracks or punctures. It is also important to keep an eye on the air pressure in your tires. Both low and high air pressure can cause problems, such as decreased fuel efficiency or tire failure. When it is time to change your tires, be sure to do some research beforehand.

There are popular tire brands such as Firestone, Continental, and Hankook which will help you to drive more safely and efficiently. For instance, Continental tires can help you to save on gas and improve fuel efficiency. So before making a decision you should talk to your mechanic or a tire expert or get information and some details by searching the auto blog, and guides, or just read an in-depth review of Continental tires for specific details, such as features and all the tire types. 

Last thoughts

Taking care of your vehicle will always be a good call. Remember that leaving things malfunctioning will always cause more problems in the future. So, always pay attention to any weird sounds, vibrations, and smells.

Pro tip: To have an extra well-cared car, remember to wash it often. Once a week or every two weeks will work ideally. That way your car will always be ready for all the actions!

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