When You Think A Friend Is A Binge Eater

When You Think A Friend Is A Binge Eater

There are certain things that you must do when you think a friend is a binge eater. The act of bingeing is also called compulsive eating because it is something that they do not have control over. This is why they will need your help to overcome this addiction.

The first thing to know is the reason behind what they are doing. This needs to be brought up in private. The condition is often a reaction to a traumatic time in their lives, depression or loneliness. They feel a sense of worthlessness and resort to the only comfort they believe at their disposal at the time, which is food. That’s why it is important to sit them down and discuss what is going on.

As with other addictions, more than likely they will deny what is happening. This is when the facts will have to be pointed out to them. Letting them know that you are there to go through it with them will allow them to open up and express the underlying reason behind what is going on.

They will probably feel embarrassed which is why it is best to confront them in private. But once you gain their confidence it is the starting point to realising everything around them that triggers an episode. You will also need to take the initiative to remove anything that can cause a flare-up to occur such as favourite foods or junk food in general.

They will also need to have a way to re-direct their attentions when they feel an episode coming on. Being available to walk, exercise or even just sit and talk will do wonders for the condition. It takes their mind off of the easy fix and focuses their attention on a healthy alternative. The less time they have alone, the better and faster the positive results will happen.

It is also a good idea to help them find a professional to guide them through treatment options. Being a friend is important, but it cannot take the place of someone who is experienced and very knowledgeable that can spot important factors and resolve them before they become bigger issues.

The best thing to remember is that when you think a friend is a binge eater, they will need for you to provide the guidance in the matter. It may be a long process to recovery, but having you there with them gives a whole new meaning to why they are called friends.

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