Where To Get Energy for Productive Life: Secret Tips

It’s easy to feel tired these days. We are all under a lot of pressure, and it can seem like there is never enough time in the day to get things done. But what if I told you that there are ways to get more energy? And not just any energy- but productive energy! It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, believe me when I say that it isn’t.

Now, this may sound too good to be true, but there are some easy ways for you to increase your productivity with lots of energy! Check them out below…

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s no secret that when you sleep, your body goes through some different phases: REM, deep sleep, and light sleep. During the REM phase, your brain is active (as opposed to during deep sleep where it’s pretty inactive), so, it makes sense that if you get more deep sleep, then you’ll have more energy for productivity. There are some simple things you can do to make sure that you get enough quality restful sleep:

  • Avoid caffeine late in the day
  • Make sure that the room temperature is comfortable (but not too hot or cold!)
  • Try using a humidifier to help with breathing difficulties

When these three factors are right, there is less chance of having trouble sleeping, so you will get the rest you need and wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Sleep early and wake up early – get about 8 hours of sleep each night, because this is the optimal amount of time for most adults. Also, waking up at a consistent time every morning (and not sleeping in too much on weekends!) will help your body get into a rhythm so that you feel more energized when you head out of bed!

Eat A Good Breakfast

Certain foods can provide plenty of energy for the day ahead. Here’s what you should be having; Eggs – full of vitamins and proteins! Vitamins boost energy by helping your body metabolize carbohydrates. Good for energy levels as well as your brain function. If you’re someone who doesn’t like eggs or you are vegetarian then you can get a similar effect with a vegan omelet made from chickpea flour, tomato, onion, and tofu.

Oatmeal – rich in fiber which helps to keep you feeling fuller longer. Oatmeal does not allow iron to be absorbed normally, so you should avoid it if you have iron deficiency!

Carbohydrates (especially complex carbs) don’t make you feel sluggish in the same way that refined sugars do- they keep blood sugar levels stable which prevents fatigue.

Take Time to Relax With Hobbies Or Read A Book

Stress is a major obstacle to productivity. When you’re stressed, it’s hard to concentrate and make rational decisions. This leads to a lack of motivation which can bring your energy levels down. Make sure that you take time every day for yourself so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by everything- go for a walk or read a book (it doesn’t even have to be on productivity!).

Take Short Breaks When You Can Throughout The Day!

Take breaks- If you’re stuck at a desk all day, it’s easy to lose motivation and feel less productive. Break up your work into manageable chunks with short 5-minute breaks in between them to reset your mind and get back on track. Research has shown that taking a break every 45 minutes during work can improve your concentration levels significantly. This way you’ll feel more energized and ready for your next task.

Take Supplements to Boost Your Energy Levels!

Many people don’t get enough natural vitamins and minerals through their diet alone so they turn to supplements for daily intake.

Wellabs organics supplement CoQ10 is particularly useful for those looking to boost their energy levels and improve their focus! Wellabs CoQ10 supplements can boost energy by helping your body produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy for body cells.

If you want to kickstart your day and give yourself an energy boost, try taking some Wellabs CoQ10 supplements.

Exercise Regularly

Of course, this tip is pretty stereotypical- everyone knows about the benefits of exercising. But when most people think about exercising, they think about the long-term benefits, not the immediate ones. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which are chemicals that give you a sense of satisfaction (similar to morphine) and for a few hours afterward you feel happier and more energetic.

If you’re someone who spends all their time working at a desk then make sure that you get plenty of exercise each week- go swimming, play volleyball or soccer, or go for a brisk walk to keep active. Don’t put it off until you get back home- try doing some stretches before you start your work, or play a quick game of basketball at lunch. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous- just enough to break up the day and give your body some well-deserved exercise.

So, if you follow these tips then not only will you find that you’re more productive each day but also that you feel great throughout the day too! And don’t worry- this won’t make your life less fun since there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself too.


The secret to feeling great throughout the day is very simple. By getting lots of energy from healthy food, taking time to relax, and exercising regularly you’ll feel that your mind and body are stronger than ever before! And as a bonus… this will also help you to wake up feeling less tired and groggy! It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t- just follow these 7 easy tips for instant productivity. You can do it, I promise!

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