Where to Stay, Eat, and Play in Grand Cayman

When we think of the Cayman Islands, we can’t help but picture ourselves drinking petite umbrella cocktails on white sandy beaches, swimming in pristine waters, doing fun stuff and simply enjoying the view with our best travel accessories.

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory formed by three Islands: Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman happens to be the largest of the three, where you can get the experience of a lifetime.

Play in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach

This beach stretches for seven miles of real heaven on earth. Located on the western side of the Grand Cayman, Seven Miles Beach will make your vacation unforgettable. The crystal-clear water and coral sands attract tourists from all over the world and it’s considered to be the top spot in the Caribbean.

It’s where the sun rises over the blue waters, offering you plenty of beach activities as well. You can enjoy a wide range of water sports such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

While strolling on the beach, you can run into the restaurants and beach bars open to the public at most resorts. And if you don’t feel like doing anything, just lay down under a palm tree and enjoy the highest form of nirvana.

Grand Cayman diving experience

Scuba Diving

For the ultimate Grand Cayman diving experience, get ready to explore the sea world and underwater coral reefs. Swimming alongside turtles, stingrays, and sharks is no longer a fairytale. Visit the famous Stingray City and don’t be afraid to dive in with these stingy fellows.

If you are also a dolphin lover, then it’s a perfect time for you to visit Dolphin Discovery Cayman and swim with these friendly little creatures. Dive into this magical adventure and you will get to see how dolphins kiss and hug, but don’t forget to bring your camera since this is a unique underwater experience you’ll want to capture.

There is also a group of specialists who can teach you anything you need to know about these lovely mammals.

Dive into Scuba Diving

Where to Eat?

Placed in the Grand Cayman’s capital, George Town, Rackam’s Bar and Grill is perfect for those who know how to chill. If you don’t mind having lunch while enjoying sunsets and breathtaking views, then this bar might be the right choice. It’s one of the best oceanfront dining restaurants on Grand Cayman and the food is simply delish!

Apart from fresh salads and sandwiches, there’s also a happy hour every day, so get ready to taste their signature cocktails. Also, Calypso Grill offers you amazing seafood, and its bold color scheme will bring you joy and a sense of tranquility while eating. If you are eager to try the best mudslide, then Rum Point is the best place you can get this frozen beverage.

Rum Point, Cayman Islands

Best Luxury Hotels and Resorts

If you are determined to spend some serious cash but get the most incredible and outstanding service in return, then The Ritz-Carlton is perfect for your ultimate luxury experience. The staff knows how to satisfy your needs from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

The Kimpton Seafire is the first new beach resort to be built on the Grand Cayman Island in more than a decade. This hotel offers an amazing spa and most of the rooms have balconies overlooking the ocean.

On your way back home, don’t forget to buy a souvenir, but make sure it’s edible. Tortuga rum cake gives you the supreme taste of the Caribbean. It’s the finest rum cake you can get, and it’s so soft and tasty that it melts in your mouth, and what’s better than that?

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