Which Are The Different Types Of Powered Saws?

A Home workshop won’t be efficient if you don’t have the best tools in it. One such tools are the saw. For wooden projects, saws are used and also for metallic works. Their basic use is to cut materials by sawing. There are roto razer circular saws, chain saws, band saws, and so on. You can know more about it on authentic sources like Pressure Coach, where it is explained in detail. Here we would be briefly learning about different types of saws.


Different Types Of Saws

All the saws can be easily categorized into two major types namely – hand saws and powered saws. Here we will discuss mainly about the powered saws. 

Powered Saws – power saws are mechanically powered. The source of power pushes them to either trim or cut. In this category falls many types of electric saws.


Different types of Power Saws 

Chainsaw –   The saw has a set of teeth along a moving chain. The chain moves around a steel panel rotating. When the chain rotates, the wood is sliced with very high power and great force. Many of these saws use gasoline. Some models are driven by electric motors. An inbuilt clutch is used to select the position of the chain. The clutch also protects the person operating the chainsaw, the engine kickbacks. The clutch prevents the engine from overheating or installing inside the piece of wood. The guide bar of the saw is made of steel alloy. Steel alloy gives it durability. It sits at 40 cm to 90 cm and gives the cut length of the Chainsaw which you are using.

Circular Saw – You have to push this saw manually to cut the material surface. The circular saw makes use of a round blade. When you cut the material the blade rotates. To use this, you should be able to guide the saw all through the surface, while you are holding the material tightly. The blade then chips away the wood slowly.  Electric motors give power to these types of electric saws.  The most popular circular saws are:

  •     Corded circular saw
  •     Cordless circular saw
  •     Compact and mini circular saw
  •     Worm drive circular saw
  •     Sidewinder circular saw
  •     Hypoid circular saw
  •     Cordwood Saws circular saw
  •     Cold Saw circular saw
  •     Abrasive Saw circular saw
  •     Track saw


Band Saw – This saw has a long blade.  Its long blade has varying degrees of saw teeth. The length of the blade is determined by the size of the machine and the type of material to be cut. There are many types of band saws and the most popular are:

  •     Benchtop band saw
  •     Horizontal band saw
  •     Vertical band saw
  •     Portable band saw
  •     Meat band saw
  •     Wood band saw


Jigsaw – it cuts a variety of material and has beveling techniques of up to 45 degrees. The Jigsaw works with an electric motor to power its system. The Blade is of thin structure and can be designed with varying teeth for each inch. The type of material to be cut with a Jigsaw blade will be determined by the jig saw blade thickness. Such materials include- carpet, concrete, countertops, metal, ceramic tile. 

Miter Saw – These electric saws come with circular blades. The Blade is pulled down on the material and this mechanism of operation makes it safe for use. The blade can be swapped with that of a table saw for better flexibility. The circular blade comes at either a 10 inch or 12-inch size. It is made up of carbon steel.  It can be used for the joints that need perfect fitting. This comes with a dial pad that is calibrated in angles. This pad can be used to dial in the miter saw to the degree of cut.


Table Saw –  It allows you to set the wood piece to be cut on top of its worktable. You can push the wood towards the blade to cut. The blade fits at the center of the table and extends up to or when cutting the wood. The popular types of table saw arebenchtop, Jobsite, compact, hybrid contractor, cabinet, sliding, Mini, and micro. 

Wet tile saws – they are used to cut Vinyl tiles without chipping the edges. 

Pole saws –  used to prune or trim high tree branches. Types of pole saw are- electric pole saw, gas pole saw, cordless pole saw, manual pole saw

Reciprocating Saws – these are small in size and use a back-and-forth motion known as strokes to cut. Types of reciprocating saws are – cordless reciprocating saw, corded reciprocating saw, portable reciprocating saw.

Scroll saw – it is used to cut decorative and spiral lines and to cut stylish patterns. It is designed with the foot pedal as a mode of operation. When the pedal is stamped on, the reciprocating blade is triggered, which moves up and down to cut out the patterns.


Conclusion – the saws that have been listed, have different uses and different ways of operation. You have to find a saw that suits your needs and gives you the best results.

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