Which Color of Hair Extensions Is More Suitable for Dyeing?

Every woman has a dream to look more beautiful and grabs everyone’s attention; that’s why they try to adopt every fashion and style that transforms their look.

Hair is the most important part of women’s beauty, so you can’t change your look without hair dye and styling.

Human hair extensions are a great idea to change your look instantly, and even they allow you to change and make various hairstyles. 100% virgin Remy hair extensions are the best hair extensions that provide long-lasting results, and you can wear them for longer or a year.

Women who use human hair extensions think about which color of hair extensions is more suitable for Dyeing. This article will discuss which color of hair extensions is perfect for dye, blonde hair extensions, and top brands of hair extensions.

Which Color of Hair Extensions Is More Suitable for Dyeing?

Always choose a professional hair color and developer for dyeing human hair extensions. If you buy a boxed color from a drugstore, you will not choose the right volume developer because the developer is already included in the package and cannot change it.

However, a demi-permanent color or 10 volume developer is the best color for dyeing your hair extensions. If you want to lighten the color, then you can use a 20-volume developer.

But always remember, don’t use 30 and 40-volume developers because they can damage your hair extensions.

Vero K-Pak Hair Color by Joice and VERO K-Pak Veroxide Gentle Developer by Joice are great choices to color your hair extension.

This color is long-lasting and comes in different shades, so you can choose your favorite shade easily.

Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde hair extensions are a perfect choice for women who wants to get a premium look. The best thing about the blonde extensions is feeling incredibly natural and are easily available in a huge variety of beautiful blonde shades and lengths.

Whether you want classic to icy platinum and warm tones, blonde hair extensions blend flawlessly into your hair and give you an attractive look.

The best-quality blonde hair extensions are specially designed with seamless wafts and come in clip-in hair extensions that perfectly fit your scalp and remain invisible throughout the day.

Furthermore, dirty blonde, bleach blonde, Ash-blonde, Platinum blonde, Bronde, Natural Blonde, and Sandy Blonde are the most popular shades of blonde hair extensions.

Luxyhair & Mhot Brands Hair Extensions for Blonde Hair

Luxyhair and Mhot are both leading brands in the industry of hair extensions. They offer top-quality hair extensions at a very affordable price with 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for the Luxyhair and Mhot brands’ best hair extensions for Blonde hair, see the below list.

Luxyhair Hair Extensions for Blonde Hair

  • Mocha brown highlights clip-ins
  • Chocolate brown balayage clip-ins
  • Blonde balayage clip-ins
  • Natural blonde balayage clip-ins
  • Dirty blonde highlights clip-ins
  • Sandy blonde balayage clip-ins

Mhot Brand Hair Extensions for Blonde Hair

  • Platinum blonde highlights
  • Honey blonde clip-ins
  • Beach blonde clip-ins
  • Balayage medium ash blonde clip-ins
  • Ombre brown blonde clip-ins
  • Dark cool blonde color melt

Top Coloring Tips for Hair Extensions

  • Always do a strand test before applying color to the extension.
  • Avoid using up to 20 volumes of hydrogen peroxide
  • Don’t use high ammonia product
  • Use only deposit color
  • Before applying the color remove the strings and divide the hair extension bundle into 2 or 3 groups.
  • With the plastic wraps covering the tips of hair extensions
  • Hold the top of the extensions bundles firmly
  • Every five minutes, check the hair color
  • When the color is ready, then rinse carefully with cool water.


Women love different styles of hair and want to pick new styles, but they are not interested in keeping them permanently.

Hair extensions not only change the look but also increase the confidence level of women with short hair or caught in medical problems.

So, hair extensions are a good solution to dyeing any shade of color and transforming your look whenever you want.

Many types of extensions are available in the market, such as Remy human hair extensions, balayage hair extensions, ombre hair extensions, etc.

You can pick any hair extension of them to dye the color, except the synthetic hair extension because it is not suitable for dyeing.

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