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More than ten years have passed since the first cryptocurrency appeared. During this time, the market has gone through numerous ups and downs. Eventually, it’s grown significantly. There are over 3500 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged for a dollar, euro, and many others. Many of them have long lost their potential and faded away. At the same time, others have managed to achieve success and recognition.

The popularization of cryptocurrency has affected the payment system online. More and more shops are starting to accept digital payments. You can already buy almost everything: from household appliances and electronics to air tickets and jewelry on any site.

In some countries, even universities accept bitcoin tuition fees. So far, the exchange of real goods for digital currency is mainly widespread in the United States and some European countries. To keep up with the times, you need to try out digital currency.

When choosing options for investing in cryptocurrency, many specialists of the crypto community recommend paying attention to assets with high capitalization and a good history. Today these coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. You can buy crypto on service. It’s the place, where you can conduct a fast crypto exchange with a credit card online.


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The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

  1. Bitcoin. For many users, bitcoin remains the best cryptocurrency to buy. Firstly, it’s the flagship in terms of total market capitalization and liquidity. It can be explained by the fact that bitcoin occupies a large share of the cryptocurrency market. Also, it has a high interest in itself among users;
  2. Litecoin. It’s a kind of digital copy of Bitcoin with a similar set of features but a lower cost;
  3. Ethereum. It confidently takes the top place among the leaders in terms of total market capitalization and user engagement. The major benefits of this crypto are open-source code and the possibility of using it for developing applications. That is why many government agencies and private manufacturing companies use in their activities the solutions which are developed on the Ethereum platform;
  4. Dash. It’s also an open-source digital currency. In its creation, developers paid attention to the anonymity and security of transactions. Initially, this cryptocurrency had other names like XCOIN and Darkcoin.
  5. XRP. Developed by Ripple company, it acts as payment assistance that is used when a direct exchange of assets is not available. For instance, you can resort to such a method when dealing with two rarely traded assets.
  6. Bitcoin Cash. It appeared as a result of the Bitcoin blockchain hard fork three years ago. Ultimately, each previous Bitcoin user got the same amount of Bitcoin Cash.


Why Purchase Crypto on

Any cryptocurrency differs from the state currency in one thing – it has no physical institution. It means that this currency isn’t connected to any bank. All that you need to buy crypto on Switchere is your id and visa, MasterCard, or any debit or credit card. Besides, such crypto payment provides you with anonymously conducted transactions.

Our platform provides you with many benefits as follows:

  • The fastest operation;
  • You get exactly what you paid for;
  • The lowest fund waiting time;
  • Client-oriented policies;
  • A great variety of crypto;
  • Creditable licenses.

You’ll experience even more advantages if you join us. To start cooperating with Switchere, you need to go through a quick registration procedure:

  • Sign up. To complete this step, you need to get verification. It helps your account upgrade its prepaid limit;
  • Exchange or purchase crypto via a card. You need to choose the necessary cryptocurrency and indicate the sum to pay for. Then, insert your wallet number and conduct a payment;
  • Receive your funds. In an instant, you are about to get your crypto.

In case something went wrong, you can always contact our support team and send us a message.

Instantly, you get the easy and secure way to purchase on any website. It’s the fastest and easiest financial service that allows you to buy or exchange the necessary crypto. Besides, you can exchange USD as well as euro without any hidden fee.

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