Which Is The Best OS For Your Next PC

The modern world has been blessed with the prodigy of technology. One of the prodigies of technology that made our lives faster, simpler, and more entertaining is computers.

Computers are, no doubt, a revolutionary invention that has completely changed the face of human civilization. Computers evolved from huge desktop boxes to more carrying laptops and mobile phones.

 However, the fact, which is hardly talked about, is what runs these computers. Yes, we are talking about the OS (operating system), without it a computer fails to function.

The debate has gone on for years and is still going on about what is the best operating system one can trust.

In this article, we will be talking about 10 operating systems that are considered the best in the world.

Before starting with the operating system, we need to know the difference between a server OS and a regular OS, a bit about the operating system, and some alternative free operating systems.

Server OS Regular OS

The differences between a server OS and a regular OS are very specific.

A regular OS is for everyday use, such as it is capable of running programs like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on. It also runs your preferred video games.OS enables applications that make web browsing and going through emails easy. It has LAN and Bluetooth connections which are way cheaper than the server OS.

Server OS on the contrary is expensive. These platforms offer no-limit user connections, great memory capacity, and behave as universal servers for web, databases, and emails. It also handles several desktops as it does not have a single user, but rather optimized for networks.

Operating System

An operating system with its known definition is software that lets users run difficult applications on the computer. It manages the computer’s hardware resources.

 Its job is to support some basic functions that a person needs in their everyday life, like controlling peripherals and scheduling tasks. 

OS For Personal Use

Consider MAC OS and traditional Windows great when it comes to home use. A home is a place where you relax most of the time, so you work in a relaxed way as well, therefore keeping a powerful OS at home is useless. And for games, the Windows operating system is well enhanced for that. And is better than MAC.

Fastest OS

While talking about the fastest OS, you can without blinking agree that Linux-based OS is the fastest and lightest OS in the market at present. It does not need a powerful processor like Windows when it operates at an optimal level.

Linux-based OSs such as Ubuntu server, Fedora, and CentOS servers are great options when it comes to running business enterprises, where considerable computing is mandatory.

Alternative Operating System

Not everybody has enough to purchase a high-grade operating system. Don’t worry, or be sad about it as there are alternative free OS, which keep running the computer perfectly fine. The options are free to download

1. Linux

It is free and will run on anything.

2. Chrome OS

Google Chrome is there on a number of low costs and in some high-end laptops, such as Chrome Books.

3. Free BSD

It is the latest version of Berkeley Software Distribution because its root is connected to Linux.

4. Syllable

It is a free alternative for small businesses and homes.

5. ReactOS

It was initially launched as a Windows 95 duplicate.

We are done talking about a little bit of everything about an OS, without further delay let’s dive into the 4 best OSs for PCs and best laptops.

M-S Windows

Why not Windows? If we look back at Windows 95, we will see that its journey from being 95 to being Windows 10 has been stoking up the computing systems globally. It is user-friendly and operates fast. The latest version has an advanced security setup for you and your data.


1. The task view feature that Windows has allows users to switch multiple

workspaces, by showing each of them. Learn social media mascots.

2. There are two user interfaces, one is for the tablet mode(touch screen) and the other is for the mouse and keyboard.

3. It has authentication technology for high security like BIN, PIN, and Fingerprint identification

4. To reduce the storage it compresses system files automatically.


Ubuntu as well is a Linux-based OS that has everything that you are searching for in an operating system. The perfect places to use this are schools, organizations, and homes.

It is free to download, free to share, and free to use.


1. Ubuntu can be used and shared freely by the users because of being open software.

2. When done installing, you will see that it already has a firewall and virus protection.

3. Ubuntu gives you five years for security updates and patches.

4. It is translated into 50 languages.

Mac OS

As we know Mac OS is only for Apple. It has innovative features that evolve with time. In recent years the Mac operating system has been free with occasional free upgrades from its developers. Apple users have no other option than Mac OS.


1. As dark mode in devices has become trendy, the dark mode on the interface gives a dark academic look.

2. You can find handpicked apps by Apple in the MAC app store.

3. iTunes will let Apple users search songs, but lyrics of all songs might now be available.

4. Mac OS prevents other websites from tracking your IP addresses.


Same, it is a Linux-based system. It is an operating system that casual users use mainly. Students, professionals in the corporate environment, and hobbyists are served by a fedora.


1. This interface allows the developers to focus on the Gnome 3 environment.

2. It gives out open-source toolboxes, languages, and utilities.

3. You can dig into powerful virtualization tools to make it run.

4. It deploys applications that are not necessarily out of the box.


This article mainly focuses on the best four OS for PCs as well as laptops. We started off with a little information about servers and operating systems.

Knowing about these two before getting into the best OS in the world will help you understand what an OS does to a computer.

Leave us a comment below on how much this article came in handy.

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