Which is Your Best Net Leased Investment?

A double net lease commonly known as NN or the net-net lease is an agreement of lease in which the tenant is liable for two property taxes and insurance premiums for the property. As for a single net lease, when the tenant pays only property taxes, a double net lease includes one more expense like the payment of insurance premiums.

The landlord is responsible for building maintenance expenses. He receives the rent plus some additional payments each month. If you are interested in a double net lease investment Signnn is the best knowledgeable group for a double net lease investment. Because the tenant is liable for two payments, the net rent payment is often reduced.

How Does Double Net Lease Work?

Net leases are just like owning property without a legal title, they are lease agreements between the tenants and the landlords. The tenant is responsible for paying the rent with other costs related to the property. This agreement also involves expenses like property taxes, insurance, utilities, repairs, and maintenance with many other operational expenditures. Most of the landlords accept reduced rent payments as the net lease is associated with additional costs.

Double net leases are very common in the commercial real estate business. The commercial properties such as shopping malls, that have multiple tenants, taxes, and insurance fees are assigned to the tenants individually on proportional grounds.

Even when the taxes and insurance premiums are paid by the tenants, the commercial property owners should get property taxes passed by themselves to make sure that they are aware of all issues relating to the payment.

Advantages Of Double Net Lease:

In a double net lease, the commercial owner has the benefit of passing through a good section of the financial liabilities as the tenant makes the payment for taxes and insurance premiums. Here the landlord does not have to worry about the insurance policies, or yearly taxes on the property because all this is covered by the tenant under his business responsibilities.

Disadvantages of Double Net Lease:

The most important disadvantage of the double net lease is that they need the property owner to act as a landlord by assuming that all financial and logical liabilities of maintaining their property like maintenance, related to the structure or other things are his responsibility.

In other words, the property owner as a landlord may come across some unexpected costs for the upkeep of the property, leading to low profit margins on investment.

When we talk about a double net lease investment deal, we need to understand the agreement in detail, to ensure exactly, as a property owner which financial responsibilities will be yours. Going through the condition and history of the building will help you know if it needs upkeep and repairs or how you can minimize that work.


Henceforth, Signnn is a knowledgeable group, that has expertise in net leases and is the fastest-growing investment company, that provides guidelines with the pros and cons of your investment. If you want to learn more about Sign, get in touch with their industry expert for good investment deals.

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