Which Massage Type is Right for You

Once you return home from work all exhausted and in need of a massage, you couldn’t care less about which type of massage it will be. However, when you have a clear relaxation plan that involves a professional masseuse, then it is not all the same as which type of massage they give you. That is why you should consult professionals regarding the most suitable massage but in general, it couldn’t hurt to know a thing or two about the most popular types of massage.

A deep tissue massage

To reach the deep tissue, the masseuse or a massage therapist will have to press hard. This type of massage is ideal for those people who wish to relieve the tightness in their muscles and get rid of chronic muscle pain. Once the physical pain is gone, the accompanying anxiety will go away as well. Deep tissue massage is comprised of slow motions but the person doing the massage presses hard and deep into your skin to relieve tension from the tissue deep under the surface of the skin.

Because the massage surface needs to be fairly large, from the calves to the shoulder, you need to strip down and remain only in your underwear. Typically, a deep tissue massage lasts at least one hour.

The Swedish massage

This is the type of massage that most people have heard of. This is because a Swedish massage is the most basic of massages that are performed on people who are having a massage for the first time or on people who are ultrasensitive to touch. Unlike a deep tissue massage, a Swedish massage is not as intense and the therapist needs not to sink their fingers deep inside your skin. The massage itself is a combo of different hand moves such as circular motions, tapping, vibrating, and kneading.

This all lasts from one hour to an hour and a half, and afterward, you will feel more relaxed. If you are new to massage, then our recommendation is to start with a Swedish massage and work on your preferences from there.

An aromatherapy massage

So far, we have only discussed massages that use kinetic force to help alleviate pain and soreness. When it comes to an aromatherapy massage, there are several factors at play, as mental well-being is equated with physical health. The massage procedure resembles a Swedish massage, with the exception that special care is given to the shoulder area, including the neck, the head, and the back. Furthermore, there are essential oils that enhance the overall effect of the massage. These massage oils can even be homemade since the ingredients are mostly natural. However, if you have sensitive skin, aromatherapy might not be the right type of massage for you.

A sports massage

Most sports injuries occur because the muscles are not warmed up which makes them vulnerable to extreme situations. To prevent and treat sports injuries, sports massages are the ideal solution. They increase the athlete’s performance and flexibility, making him or her less likely to get injured. If an injury does occur, then a quick massage can help relieve pain and decrease the muscle tension that caused the problem.

Essentially, a sports massage takes a bit from every type of massage, depending on the nature of the injury. Sometimes they are full-body massages but more often they focus on the problem area. For instance, the most common injury football players experience is hamstring strain, so a sports massage, in this case, will focus on this area of the body.

The Shiatsu massage

A massage that has become quite popular recently is a Japanese type of massage called Shiatsu. Like aromatherapy, most people who want to relieve stress, tension, and pain undergo this type of massage. This massage lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and one of its perks is that you can be fully clothed all the time, unlike the massages we have listed thus far. That is why people who are shy in general like this message. The masseuse uses her palms, hands, and palms during a Shiatsu massage because she needs to apply pressure to a certain point on your body. That is why pulsing or rhythmic pressure is applied to the whole body or a particular area.

A massage that has been become quite popular recently is a Japanese type of massage called Shiatsu. Like aromatherapy, mostly people who want to relieve stress, tension, and pain undergo this type of massage

A massage using hot stones

Finally, we come to a type of massage that relieves stress with the use of hot stones. These get your blood flowing and you immediately feel the physical relief, followed by a mental improvement. Apart from getting rid of stress, this massage is meant for those people who simply want an exotic way to relax and unwind. Compared to a Swedish massage, this massage type lasts longer and we hate to say it, but it is often more expensive.

We hope that by now you have a better understanding of the types of massages you can choose from. Start with a Swedish massage and then experiment from session to session to find which message helps you relax the best.

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