Which Sage Product Should Your Business Be Using?

When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solutions, Sage is a leader in the industry. They’ve been providing business solutions like accounting software for several years now that gets used by small and large companies around the world.

They’ve established themselves so well now in the industry that it can be difficult to determine which Sage product is the best for your organization. That’s where Sage software consultants come in – they can set up a meeting with you where they find out your business needs and determine which Sage software will fit best with your organization.

Small Businesses

Small businesses with up to 20 employees need ways to save time and resources. Often, a small business owner will be left wearing multiple hats or will have employees doing manual work that costs time and money.

This is especially true when it comes to accounting, which is manual-intensive work without the right accounting software. Employees and owners are left with working on spreadsheets that require data to be manually inputted, and it often needs to be duplicated for multiple purposes.

Sage 50cloud is a simple ERP solution for small businesses that provides time-saving tools that help you manage tax, invoicing, cash flow, payments, and more with ease. They’re designed to help you take control of your finances and reduce time spent on admin and manual tasks, letting you focus on running your business.

Medium Businesses

Sage Intacct is an award-winning cloud-based financial management solution that is recommended by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). It’s suited for companies with 21 to 200 employees who are looking for business management tools for not only finance but other departments as well as human resources.

With Sage Intacct, you can automate complex processes, consolidate data across departments, ensure GAAP compliance, and utilize dashboards to track your business and make strategic decisions. With this software, business owners can keep on top of KPIs and steer their companies toward growth.

Large Businesses

When it comes to companies that host more than 200 employees, Enterprise Management (EM) is usually the way to go. This ERP solution gives you the tools to take control of your entire business, from finances, human resources, and customer relationship management (CRM), to supply chain, production, and sales.

Large businesses can become over-encumbered by their multiple moving parts that fail to work well together and at their maximum efficiency. EM brings every aspect of your business together in a cloud-based platform that integrates all aspects of your business into one.

Run faster and more efficiently with automated processes and insightful data that is made available for every department. There’s never any need to duplicate information, and all of your employees will have access to the information that they need when they need it.

Flexible and East-to-Use

Perhaps the best thing about Sage software is that it is flexible and configurable, as well as exceptionally easy to use and adopt into existing enterprises. But if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy enough to utilize the software properly, consider hiring an ERP consultant who can make sure you are getting the most out of your Sage software.

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