Who Can You Send Rude Valentine’s Cards To?

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. Depending on what the message says, you can deliver humorous and cheeky cards to different loved ones, not just your partner. Boomf offers an excellent selection of rude and bold cards to send.

Rude Valentine

So why not show those loved ones in your life some fun with rude Valentine’s cards this year? These cards can be an ideal option for sending funny thoughts to family members and friends. Let’s go through some options below.

Surprise Your Partner

Show them how playful you can get with a rude message this Valentine’s. You could say something about how excited you are to spend your day with that person. Talk about what you want to do during the day and night!

You can be direct with your message and, depending on your relationship, keep it naughty. Maybe you could write out Valentine’s demands and requests you wish to fulfill with your special person throughout the day. This rude and cheeky message will keep your partner on their toes.

Send Family Members Something Funny

Family members might also appreciate rude Valentine’s cards. At Boomf, they have loads of crude and funny messages to choose from that are perfect for any family member.

If your parents or siblings have a similar humor to yours, you can definitely get away with sending something humorous this Valentine’s. This will be a fun way to show them how much you think about them.

  • For example, sending a rude message to your parents may just leave them speechless, which they could enjoy if you want to show how you appreciate their partnership and love.
  • And let’s say your sibling is single this year. A rude card could be just the pick-me-up they need, showing them they are loved and wanted.

Give Your Co-Worker a Hint

This could be the perfect opportunity to show your workmates how you really feel about them. This could be sent in a joking way, but is there a layer of truth hidden beneath the cheeky, flirty message?

If there is, why not give it a chance and spread some joy in the workplace with a rude card just for them? Remember your workplace boundaries, and if it helps, you can send the card digitally or hand it to them outside of work if your message is a bit too risque for the office!

Make Your Friends Laugh

Funny and rude Valentine’s cards in this season of love will get a laugh and make them feel included. For example, your best friend may have gone through a breakup and could use the card as a reminder that you care.

You might mention something funny about their ex to show them they’re happier without that person. Similarly, you can send over funny photos and personal jokes only you and your close friends can relate to.

Funny and rude Valentine cards

Rude Valentine’s Day cards can be a great way to send some smiles their way this Valentine’s!

Everyone Deserves Some Fun This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your loved one or partner. It can be for whoever you wish to extend love and appreciation to. So why not go for it this year and send out something you know will leave your special people speechless?

So make it more humorous with a touch of cheek and wit when you choose to send rude Valentine’s cards.

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