Who Has Had The Most Red Cards In Premier League History?

There are specific regulations in any sport that you decide to participate in, but it doesn’t mean that it stops the “bad boys” of the games from violating them.

You would be surprised that, some players, took it upon themselves to create a new “sport” by putting themselves on the list with the most red cards in history.

And the scandalous game eventually reached the sport of football. So, we’ve compiled the list of the players who took the eight highest spots.

Top 8: Felipe Melo

Felipe received the titles “Gladiator” and “Pitbull” thanks to his hard-tackling style during games. He was known as the Brazilian midfielder, who collected 14 red cards in Galatasaray, Juventus, and Inter.

Despite his age of 36, Felipe is still active in using his familiar skills for Brazilian Série A side Palmeiras.

Top 7: Yannick Cahuzac

Despite the difference in their age, Yannick still surpassed Melo by having 17 red cards at 35 years old while playing for the French Ligue 2 club Lens.

In a Bastia match back in the 2016/17 season, Yannick set his Ligue 1 record by receiving three consecutive red cards within four games.

Top 6: Pablo Alfaro

Pablo reached the second spot for the most red cards in La Liga history, accompanied by 18 dismissals when he resided with Sevilla between 2000 to 2005.

Top 5: Paolo Montero

Paolo holds the crown for having the most red cards in Serie A history when he served as a defender for Juventus and Atalanta.

He was sent off 16 times within the Italian League and 21 times in all his competitions. It’s no wonder that this caused sports fans to criticize the player for his aggressive skills, although his teammates say otherwise.

For people like Ryan Giggs, Paolo was the most formidable defender he had the chance to play against.

Top 4: Alexis Ruano Delgado

Alexis plays for the Racing de Santander as their Spanish central defender, where he accumulated 22 red cards.

He was even accused of match-fixing when he performed a game at Turkish side Beşiktaş J.K.

Top 3: Cyril Rool

Cyril was famous for his reckless and aggressive play, which earned him 25 red cards and a massive number of 187 yellow cards.

He was still known for being a bronze medal midfielder who played for the top French clubs such as Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, and Monaco.

Top 2: Sergio Ramos

Sergio was the Real Madrid captain when he landed his 26th red card during the loss in Champions League against Manchester City.

For being a physically strong player, Sergio was credited to be one of the best defenders of the modern era of football. At 34, he had the record for having the reddest cards in La Liga with 20 red cards and six red cards in the Champions Leagues.

Top 1: Gerardo Bedoya

Who rose to the top, you say? It’s none other than Gerardo himself!

He was a former Colombian international who played for the Boca Juniors, Racing, Millionarios, and the Colombian national team as their defensive midfielder.

Gerardo garnered an outstanding 46 red cards throughout his career before he became the manager of Colombian side Independiente Santa Fe, where he experienced being sent to the stands within the first game.

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