Unexpected Country Ranking: Find Out Who Is The Most Gambling In The World?

In which countries is gambling more common? Where is the clear focus on specific categories – for example, sports betting? Where is it more convenient for them to place bets: in offices or in mobile applications similar to 22Bet? Who prefers poker? In which country are lottery tickets sold out? And who, in principle, is the most reckless among the peoples?

Follow this article to find out the rating of the most gambling countries.

5th place – Finland

  • Losers on average: $ 533 per year
  • Play more: lotteries, sports betting

Finland is a pretty gambling country. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland cites statistics according to which almost half (41%) of the local adult population gambles at least once a week.

Finns play mainly the national lottery and sweepstakes. Casinos, online and land-based, are monopolized here at the state level. The profit goes to the development of educational and public institutions.

4th place – Canada

  • Losers on average: $ 568 per year
  • Play more: lotteries, sports betting

Casinos in Canada were legalized in the 20th century, in the 70s. However, the modern gambling public in Canada is also attracted by alternative gambling – bookmaker services and instant lotteries: for example, scratch cards.

Playing the lottery is an important element of local culture. 75% of the adult population in Canada buys lottery tickets regularly, and this is not considered shameful or dangerous. Many even buy lottery cards as gifts for their children who are still in school.

Betting also does not stand aside, since Canadians are a sports nation. Almost everyone watches the NHL games here, as well as snowboard competitions, ski races, etc. And bookmakers in Canada are actively betting on these and other disciplines.

3rd place – Ireland

  • Losers on average: $ 588 per year
  • Play more: sports betting

If the Germans are punctual, and the British are stiff, the Irish are famous lovers of arguments and bets. Besides, Ireland has a highly developed sports fan culture. So it turns out that the services of sweepstakes in Ireland are in demand with a bang. Among his favorite disciplines are horse racing, football, rugby.

2nd place – Singapore

  • Losers on average: $ 1,100 per year
  • Play more: casinos, sports betting, lotteries

Gambling in Singapore originated in 1968 but did not go beyond the national lottery. Only relatively recently did the same Singapore Pools start accepting sports bets. And today, the local sports betting industry has a turnover of millions of dollars a year. And then a new round of gambling development awaited the country – the opening of world-famous casinos in Singapore.

1st place – Australia

  • Losers on average: $ 1,288 per year
  • Play more: sports betting, slot machines

Australians are a very gambling nation. Official statistics of the country say that 80% of Aussies regularly play certain games for money. Moreover, half of the adult population of Australia plays slots.

Local slot machines, the so-called pokies, can be found not only in casinos but also in bars, shopping centers, and other entertainment public places. They also love sports betting in Australia. Local favorites are cricket and football. Contribute to the development of betting in Australia and regularly held in the country international competitions, notable for the influx of crowds of sports fans.

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