A 2021 Guide To Why Aluminum Is Popular In Window And Door Designs

It is not uncommon to see wooden windows and doors in houses built during the twentieth century or early twenty-first century. Wooden doors have their charm, but they are prone to termite infestation and require regular maintenance. They also have very little insulation and are easily broken through.

On the other hand, most modern houses are equipped with aluminum products because of their impressive strength and durability. Installing aluminum window and door designs will drastically improve the appearance and functionality of your home. They give your home a stunning look with modern benefits.

Allow us to guide you through a map of reasons why the global consumption of aluminum is vastly increasing in modern window and door designs.

Strong Weather Resistance

Aluminum can withstand extreme environmental conditions, thanks to specialized anodizing treatments. A few manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA add another protective layer via the TEXGUARD anodizing process to make the doors and windows more sturdy. Such a process is vital because it prevents the door and windows from rust and discoloration. 

TOSTEM windows are also tested as per JIS and ASTM Standards for assessing resistance to wind pressure, air tightness, water tightness, and material composition. Such quality assurance tests ensure the windows and doors’ strength, sound insulation, light and UV resistance, and anodizing life test.

Aluminum doors and windows are also highly resistant to splitting, cracking, and swelling. Being one of the most multifunctional metals, it provides insulation against cold and heat. The warmth inside your home is not allowed to escape outside during the winters, while heat from outside cannot enter during the hot season.

Efficacy in Terms of Money

Considering aluminum’s superiority over other fenestration materials, it is cost-effective in the long run. Aluminum window and door designs require low maintenance and can last for decades because of their high durability and resistance mechanisms. For instance, surface treatments like TEXGUARD coating enhance the life of aluminum doors and windows by up to 40 years.

Unlike the availability of their counterparts, aluminum is abundant. It is the most widely available metal on the planet, which helps to merit its price. In addition, UPVC windows are made of plastic and aren’t very reliable. On the other hand, wooden windows require regular maintenance in varnishing, painting, and termite infestation preventive measures. You do not have to deal with such issues with doors and window designs composed of aluminum.

Unbeatable Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum gives you ample modern design options, and the anodizing process gives a metallic luster and your home decor a touch of glam. Window and door designs made of aluminum are structurally sound, which means you can install them in challenging and tight spaces without any risk of warping.

For instance, TOSTEM aluminium windows provide a sleek look and narrow sashes for an isometric view. The submerged sill is also instrumental in preventing water ingress while ensuring safe passage for users of all ages. Moreover, the TOSTEM’s TEXGUARD coating ensures that doors and windows retain their luster and gloss for up to 40 years.

As a result, you can even customize the colors without compromising the quality of the doors and windows. Such features prove aluminum is the most versatile material for modern doors and windows designs, compared to UPVC and wooden variants.

Functional Benefits

Aluminum doors exhibit a slim and sleek look, with an isometric design that ensures similar profile thickness on all corners. Moreover, manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA provide top-shelf aluminum doors in the sill and sill-less options, pleated concealed mesh designs, etc., thus offering extra functional advantages. Added functionalities include concealed sashes where sashes can get submerged into the side profile or each other in the middle.

Aluminum doors and windows are sturdier than their contemporaries. But, you can make them extra secure by using sophisticated locking mechanisms. For instance, TOSTEM utilizes crescent locks in window and door designs, enhancing security without compromising the operational benefits.

Sound Absorption Ability

The noises that cities make are loud and can disrupt the peace in the home and even affect productivity. Aluminum window and door designs have excellent sound insulation. But, the soundproof level depends on the sealants and glass quality.

Triple-glazed glass and high-elasticity sealants can provide excellent sound insulation. It eliminates unnecessary sounds and combats harmful noise, whether your home is located in a calm or noisy environment.

Go Green!

Each of us has a responsibility to protect our environment. Opting for aluminum windows and doors prevents the emission of VOCs, mass deforestation, and other harmful processes.

Aluminum has a low carbon footprint and is a 100% recyclable material. Also, the surface treatments enhance the life of aluminum, which means the door and window products last for a long time.


Aluminum window and door designs are beneficial for your home. They are cost-effective, soundproof, windproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and you will not have to replace or fix them often.

Investing in aluminum doors and windows offers privacy, safety, security, and peace of mind. These are the main reasons why many homeowners are fast replacing their old steel or uPVC windows with aluminum alternatives.

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  1. It’s great that you talked about how aluminum could withstand extreme environmental conditions, thanks to specialized anodizing treatments. We are planning to renovate our old house and we are thinking of replacing the current doors with modern ones too. So for that, we should get aluminum doors and hardware first.

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