Why are Drugs Used for Sexual Pleasure

The modern world has seen old attitudes towards love and marriage become less rigid and stiff. As the internet brings the world closer together, we are also seeing more teenage pregnancy, a greater interest in sex from an earlier age, and less formality around it all. You no longer wait until marriage to lose your virginity, for example. In the modern world, such a thing is almost unheard of.

As the times change, so do our attitudes to drugs and drug usage. Numbers of those who have encountered, or who have admitted taking, illicit drugs are also on the rise. It seems that the underground worlds of sex and drugs have come together, out of public sight, to create a mesh up of substances, all designed to enhance or prolong sexual pleasure.


The Most Common Drugs Used for Sex

We would caution anyone about using (or relying on) drugs for sex. With this warning in mind, here are the five most commonly used ones you are likely to encounter.

1 – Alcohol

Alcohol is often thought of to be a sexual inhibitor rather than an enhancer. However, consider the confidence boost you have when drunk. Think about how much more likely you are to chat someone up, or to go home with them, simply because you have had too much to drink. It might not increase your ability – but it could be said that alcohol increases your chances of pulling. Even if all it affects is your confidence.


2 – Cannabis

People have been using cannabis to enhance the pleasure of touch, taste, and smell for literally thousands of years. Before the first alcoholic beverage had been discovered, marijuana plants were being eaten for medicinal benefits.

Being stoned is a psychoactive buzz not legal in the UK but in the process of being legalized all over the world. It works by enhancing the pleasure centers of the brain and boosting the bodies production of serotonin.


3 – Ecstasy

A more serious sexual pleasure drug is ecstasy. It was designed by scientists first to stop bleeding, then as part of MK Ultra, and was later used as a psychotherapy tool. While its background may all be in the world of pharmaceuticals – this doesn’t stop the compounded MDMA from making users want to touch and feel anything and everything around them. It also makes people too loved up for good sense. Plus it is illegal.


4 – Poppers

Ever heard of Liquid gold poppers? These are a brand of sex enhancing drugs that work by giving your body an all-over boost. They are made from amyl nitrites, which increase the oxygen in your blood, dilate your veins for increased blood flow, and help treat ED. They were first invented as a way to treat heart problems, but their ability to relax your whole body makes them the perfect sex drug. Only alcohol, Viagra and poppers are legal highs in the UK with a number of poppers UK based sellers.


5 – Viagra

Viagra needs to be bought over the counter. It has some seriously alarming side effects – and let’s be clear about this. The potential side effects of Viagra include blindness as one of their worst symptoms. You may also get a hard-on you can’t get rid of without medical interference. Viagra, incidentally, is legal in the US, where poppers are not.

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