Why are Landline Phones Still Important?

This question has been around for some time now. With an increasing number of people cutting their cords and an even greater percentage investing in smartphone technology, the need to address the value of landline phones in a hands-free, wire-free, and hassle-free world becomes important. This is where the present post comes in. It gives you several solid reasons why landlines are still relevant and can even persist in the digital future of humanity. Read on.

Landlines Deliver Quality Communication

Let’s put mobile phones and landlines side by side for a functional analysis. The mobile technology uses cellular towers in an area to send and receive audio signals, wirelessly. Such a wireless communication system proves to be quite convenient for people who are constantly on the go. However, a major setback of smartphones is that they do not provide as efficient a calling quality as landlines do. Plus, they’re not exactly reliable in areas of spotty coverage.

On the other hand, landlines use an existing copper cable infrastructure to transmit audio signals. Such a strong base gives these wired phones the advantage of data stability and speed. Even in regions notorious for signal distortion, landlines give a flawless reception. In addition to that, these long-standing devices provide:

Unlimited Local and Long-Distance Calling – Talk on end throughout the United States and affiliated areas for a remarkably low price. You can also make international calls at flexible rates, which is a beneficial option for those who run a business.

Built-in Features – Includes Voicemail, Call Forwarding, and VIP ring, which make your life easier and your calls manageable. If you’ve got a Charter phone subscription, then Nomorobo (blocks Unwanted calls from telemarketers, robots, or potential stalkers), E911 (instant emergency services contact), and Caller ID on TV also become available to you along with other Spectrum voice features of note.

Affordability – Smartphones cannot compete with the $3 – $10 monthly subscription rate of landlines, which overshadows the $800 – $1500 expense of flagship phones that need to be updated each year to keep pace with the trend.

This is how a landline gives you the chance to chat till you drop, without asking for much in return.

Landlines Keep the Human Connection Alive

If you observe the smartphone-bred generation of today, you will realize that they consciously avoid talking verbally. Instead, they rely on cold, hard, and incessant texting to communicate. Not only that, but they also have difficulty forming long-term relationships based on mutual trust, and are devoid of empathy, according to a study.

This mixture of detachment, paranoia, and narcissism is a side-effect of the progression of mobile technology and the rise of internet spaces. Landlines have an altogether different impact on people. These home phones create:

The Capacity for Endurance – which takes place when you patiently wait for the call to click. It corrects the toxic attitude of instant gratification, fostered by smartphones.

The Sense of Catharsis and joy that happens right after you talk with your friends and loved ones living close or far away instead of simply messaging them in an impersonal way.

The Assurance of Trust – which flourishes when you realize that the person you are talking to on the other end of the line, is an actual human and not a bot to be mistrusted.

So on and so forth. This is how landlines help give rise to the positive feeling of human connection, accompanied by optimism, resilience, and a brighter mindset.

Landlines Make Your Storm Plan a Success

The weather can go from bad to worse at any time. You might be expecting a pleasant drizzle, and the next thing you know, there is a huge storm of a dangerous magnitude headed your way. What should you do? Be prepared beforehand. Experts recommend having a storm plan in place, especially if you happen to live in a high-hit area.

A storm plan can consist of before (neutralizing outdoor hazards, reinforcing weak areas, re-checking insurance, and making a survival kit with essential food & medical supplies), during (staying in a safe place and listening for news updates), and after (inspecting damage and checking up on neighbors) measures. Besides other items, it is important to include a corded phone in your storm plan, and here’s why:

100% Signal Reception – A landline does not rely on wireless technology to transmit your calls, and provides a great reception through the cloud of signal interference, making it easy for you to contact authorities in case of emergency.

No Need to Recharge – A landline does not need electricity to recharge unlike a smartphone, which runs out of juice after a day or two. It can work consistently even during a power outage.

Battery Backups – Most of the landline providers give you the option of adding a backup battery to your plan, which offers you double the security in a storm if the primary battery of your home phone dies out. This backup can also power your internet modem, ensuring constant connectivity.

This is how a landline gets you through tough times

The Bottom Line is…

The world is not ready to let go of landlines that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years and still provide value to each American home.

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