Why are More Businesses Are Adopting Power BI Office 365?

Power BI is part of the Office 365 suite of solutions that are often overlooked. Part of the problem is that businesses are intimidated by it. Most people have a natural aversion when confronted with numbers and data. But it’s a powerful and useful tool to scale your business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

But what is Power BI?

It’s mostly an all-in-one platform that consolidates all collection, analytic, and visualization tools of Microsoft. With technology, you can make use of the raw data to address the gaps and needs of your business. It also comes equipped with assessment tools so you can gauge the performance of each project concerning your goals.

With Power BI, you can gather and collect data, extrapolate the data, analyze the numbers to produce insights, and finally, visualize the data through dashboards, graphs, and reports that can be shared with anybody in the organization.

Key Reasons Why Businesses Are Deploying Power BI Office 365

>> Large community. Benefit from all the updates and real-life solutions contributed by the large community of Power BI users. They routinely give tips and tricks on how to utilize the Microsoft tool in practical applications. In the same vein, Microsoft regularly updates Power BI for stability, security, and more features.

User-generated intelligence. Power BI Office 365 has a self-service feature. The Q&A concept allows users to ask a query from the extrapolated data using a natural language to ensure a straight answer.

>> Dashboards and reports. This is what makes Microsoft’s platform stand out from the rest. You can generate reports from big data in literally minutes. That’s very useful for last-minute meetings and presentations to show the executives and potential investors the exact status of your business.

>> Integrate easily with your system. The cloud platform can easily be integrated into your systems, creating some hybrid operation. The advantage is two-fold, it makes the learning curve more accessible, and you deploy immediately without temporarily shutting down operations during the migration.

>> A large stream of resources. The Power BI resources extend far beyond the Office 365 ecosystem. You can collect data from the cloud and on the premises for an even more accurate business intelligence model. For instance, if you pull data, you can go to the local network or access OneDrive and SharePoint from remote sites. Import the data to Excel and start from there.

>> Relatively easy to use. Once you get over the initial fear, the platform is easy to use. Of course, going through a Power BI Office 365 training workshop will accelerate their learning curve in familiarizing themselves with the different features. They will also learn how these seemingly different tools within the Office 365 ecosystem relate to each other.

Perhaps what makes Power BI very attractive is the low cost of implementing the different tools. Businesses can also expect quick returns on their investment. They are no longer running their operations blind since they are guided by informed decisions that are based on datasets, as well as market and customer behavior insights.

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  1. Nicely articulated. Thanks for sharing the foremost reasons, and this article helps discover why enterprises are adopting the Power BI Office 365 suite.

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