Why Backing Up Your Social Media Content is Important

If you want to make sure that all your favorite pictures and videos on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter don't disappear, follow these tips!

If you want to make sure that all your favorite pictures and videos on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter don’t disappear, follow these tips!

Are you anticipating the next social media purge? Are you worried the government may attempt to take down the other social media platforms like they are with TikTok? Well, it sounds like you should be backing up files.

We’re here to tell you why you should back up your social media files and how to do so. Let’s jump in.


What Are You Doing When You’re Backing Up Files?

When you back up your files, you’re recalling just storing all of the content you wish to save somewhere else. There are a few reasons you would do this and it’s very likely that you’ve backed up your content without even knowing it.

One reason to back up files is to create space in your storage. No matter what device you’re using whether it be a phone, a computer, or a tablet, it has a limited amount of storage space. When you start getting those notifications that you ignore for a few months, it’s time to back stuff up to make room on your device.

Most of the time, the user of a device has filled up their storage space with pictures and videos. You have likely connected your phone to your computer and transferred all of your photos on there so you can delete them on your phone to give you back all of that storage. In doing that, you’ve backed up your files.

But perhaps you move your pictures into albums on Facebook. I mean, it’s smart as there isn’t a limit to how many pictures and videos you can upload, but what happens if Facebook were to go away? Or even Instagram or Twitter?


Should I Back Up My Social Media?

The thought of our current social media platforms no longer being the norm may seem impossible, but a lot of people thought the same about MySpace back when it was in it’s prime. The truth of the matter is, in an ever-changing and always developing technological world, at some point or another, something will come to replace our Facebooks and our Instagrams, it’s only a matter of time. So what does this mean, exactly?

Well, going back to MySpace, back in 2019, every single thing uploaded to MySpace since before 2016 was lost. This loss of information wasn’t even due to MySpace not being a primary social media platform, but because of a faulty server migration. Knowing that something as simple as a faulty server migration can delete all of your old memories is why you should definitely back up your social media.


How Can I Back Up My Social Media?

Now that you’re ready to back up your social media, there are a few different directions you can go. The first is to back your information up through cloud storage, but it can be a bit confusing. Should you go with the cloud, make sure you pick the best cloud storage service.

Google Photos

If you’re more worried about protecting your pictures and videos as opposed to your social media, then Google Photos is definitely something to look into.

Google Photos is an app that you can download for free on your phone. You used to be able to automatically send photos that you took to the app, but now you’ll have to upload them automatically. Google Photos also gives you the option to select when it backs up your photos so that way you can do it exclusively over WiFi so you don’t run out of data.


Via Social Media Platforms

The main social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, give you the option to download your user data from the website or app directly. Here’s how.


If you’re looking at Facebook like normal, click the downward arrow that is in the top right corner of the page. From here, click settings and then “your Facebook information”. After this, click “view” next to “download your information” and from here you can start making your backup file.

You will be able to create one with everything from posts and comments to friends and likes. If you want your whole Facebook history backed up, no problem. You can select a date range of information to download so you can take as much or as little as you want.



As we go to download from Instagram, we’re going to start noticing a pattern here when it comes to backing up your social media data directly from the site. To make this easier on you, try to do this on the desktop version of Instagram.

Go to your page and click “Privacy & Security,” go down and select “request download.” From here you’ll give them the desired email address and within about 48 hours, you’ll be emailed a file with all of your Instagram data. This includes your posts, stories, private messages, and more.


Just like with Instagram, backing up your Twitter data will be easier and more efficient for you if you do so on the desktop version of the app.

In a fairly similar fashion, go to your account settings and select “settings and privacy”, select “your Twitter data”, and then click the “request data” button. After doing so, you can download a .zip file with all of your Twitter data.


Your Information Is Yours

Whatever your reason for backing up files, they were yours, to begin with. In today’s society, it can be difficult to trust these big corporations with the data of millions of people, but you can feel safer keeping your information close to home.

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