Why Bearded Dragons Are Great Pets

You love pets, right? Well, that’s a true definition of a modern man. Pets bring joy. They give you company. They bring a lot to the house. But wait, somebody said pets are more than dogs and cats. They stretch to bearded dragons. Surprised? You shouldn’t. Bearded dragons can make the best pets. Here are indisputable reasons why you should seriously think about bringing these reptiles into your home as pets.


Cost-Effective to Care For

Considering their dogs and cats counterparts, bearded dragons require fewer resources when it comes to veterinary care. Things like checkups, medications, as well as surgeries, can cost a lot of money on the side of cats and dogs. However, bearded dragon’s veterinary care requires less money. In a nutshell, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on pet care, let bearded dragon be your optimal choice.


Good with Children

Kids are the most important persons in homes. They bring joy and happiness. That’s why they should grow healthy. And one of the best ways to guarantee their growth and development is by bringing them pets. Being gentle and less aggressive, these reptiles can make a good companion for your kid. Even more, they require routine feeding, regular maintenance, and more attention. These features will help your kid to learn about the power of responsibility. Even more, they are easy to care—making them an ideal choice for kids to learn.


Live Longer

Able to live up to 15 years of age when healthy, bearded dragons make the best pets for those who are looking for longevity with their pets. So, if your bearded dragon is well cared for, it can hit more years.



Like any pets, a bearded dragon can bite people when threatened or mishandled. But the truth is that bearded dragons are generally docile reptiles. They aren’t aggressive and don’t bit often. However, you should also handle and treat them well.



When it comes to pets, nothing takes center stage quite like affection. And that’s what the bearded dragon brings on the table. Created to bond with others well, a bearded dragon can show you immense affection. In fact, they tend to trust humans so much that they are willing to spend the whole day with people.


Easy to Care

One of the best things with bearded dragons is that they are easy to care for. They only need a small investment. This includes setting up a small habitat for them. Also, they require low maintenance. They consume less food. Also, you won’t have to worry when it comes to veterinary services. Click to learn more.


Easily Fed

Bearded dragons are easy to feed. They only need insects.


The Bottom-Line

Regarded as extremely docile as well as easy going lizards, bearded dragons are increasingly becoming a darling to many when it comes to pets. Originating from the Australian deserts, bearded dragons are easy to care, get along with people easily, and are not aggressive. The above are real reasons why bearded dragons should be your next pet.

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