Why Blackjack is Most Popular Casino Game

There are some games played in casinos that are more popular than others. Blackjack is one of such games. This game was popular when casinos were land-based and its popularity has only increased as casinos have gone online because the game is now readily accessible to all interested players in online casinos.

The question then is, why is blackjack so popular? What makes the game stand out from other casino games? There are some reasons why blackjack stands out and is a casino favorite. It is also the reason why the game makes it into so many movies.

All the decisions rest in your hands

Let’s say you place a bet on the black on a roulette wheel, once your wheel spins the decision is now out of your hands. Your bet is placed and when the wheel stops, your fate is decided whether you win or lose. In this case, you become a spectator in a game. The same applies to other games like slots. Once you pull the lever, the machine decides the outcome which would determine if you win or lose. This is where blackjack differs. In a game of blackjack, you decide which stand you want to take. You are the decider of your fate. You could choose to hit, stand, split, or double. Any decision you want, you take. It places you right in the middle of the game as a real player should.

There is the avenue for the perfect play

When we say perfect play, we mean the perfect strategy to guarantee a player a win in the game. This perfect strategy has been long solved for blackjack. There are various resource materials that you can access online to guide you in understanding the perfect strategy for blackjack. These resource materials will show you the best moves for any decision you choose to take in the game. These moves are also based on the two cards which you hold and the card which the dealer displays.

You do not only have to read the resource material, but you can also download them in the form of a chart. You can use these charts side by side as you play blackjack especially if you are playing online. You can pull your blackjack strategy chart up and use the moves outlined as you progress in the game. this way you are assured of a higher probability of winning the pot.

This is the game with probably the lowest house edge

Playing blackjack with a single deck sees casinos offering a house edge of 1.5%. This makes blackjack the game with the lowest house edge in the casino. For some land-based casinos, the house edge on blackjack might be offered at under 1%. This isn’t readily available to all players. Most times, this house edge is offered to specifically high rollers only. For regular players, the house edge offered in land-based casinos is between 2% and 3%. How good a player you are will be the determinant of the size of the house edge. It is advised that you stick to the blackjack strategy chart when playing your game and keep the house edge at the lows. Unless you are a high roller with loads of cash to burn, stick with your perfect strategy.

You can emerge a winner with blackjack as the game can be beaten

Although some of the tactics employed to beat the game aren’t exactly right as it erodes the beauty of lady luck, they are methods that have proven that blackjack can be beaten. One such unsavory way is card counting. Many individuals, before casinos, caught one of them, used this method to wipe out the house edge. Card counting involved the application of mathematics to the deck of cards to determine the cards which the house or dealer would have. This way a player could easily determine which exact move to make. Either stand, double, split or hit. Card counting was possible with the land-based casinos as the shuffling of the cards is done by an individual. Playing online, however, is a bit different. The shuffle will be done through the use of random number generators which are almost impossible to determine where which card will fall.

That being said, there are various other good ways to win in blackjack while playing online. Such ways are free bonuses and casino promotions amongst others.

One of the most exciting casino games played

There is literally never a dull moment with blackjack. Depending on the hand which you are dealt, it could mean a series of decisions towards achieving the perfect hand in addition to a larger pot for the win or it could mean a complete loss for you. You could also be dealt a good hand, but the house card might strip it away. The game goes on and on as regards decisions and calls you to make. This makes for an overall exciting game which is the reason most players go back for another round of blackjack. The game is bound to keep you enthralled. See bonuses.

With the reason listed above, you can see why blackjack is an all-time favorite amongst casino players. No matter your level of expertise when it comes to playing card games in a casino, blackjack is one card game that welcomes all levels of expertise. You could be a novice and still make a killing at the blackjack tables. This is because there are numerous resource materials available to give you the perfect strategy to make you win. But most importantly, the single fact that you are not a spectator in the outcome of the game makes it simply appealing for most players. The outcome of the game rests solely on your hand as you have the power to make all your decisions. Either way, it is best to follow the blackjack strategy charts as they have outlined the way to beat the game.

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