Why Brand Consistency Is Important

Although a brand may feel like a throwaway part of the business to some, it’s so much more than this. A brand, rather than just being a business name, logo, and slogan, is what makes you unique from all the competition, and standing out from this competition is what helps businesses survive. What’s even worse in some circumstances is when businesses fumble their brands enough that customers become hopefully confused – and confused customers don’t return for repeat business. In this article, we take a look at why brand consistency is important and demonstrate a few ways you can implement consistency in your own business. This way, customers won’t need to run for the hills!


The core of brand consistency

Brand consistency is so important because it should effectively unite your brand – when one part doesn’t reflect the rest, your brand image can confuse and alienate customers. It doesn’t necessarily take a branding agency in Sydney to help create a strong brand identity, either. A little bit of self-education and market research can do wonders for a new or ailing brand. This shouldn’t mean that you copy the brands of successful businesses – just that you adopt and implement specific things that you may think will work for you. Introducing brand consistency is necessary for businesses to separate themselves from their competitors. Through this consistency, customers previously unaware of the brand can quickly understand what goods and/or services a business sells and how relevant this is to their own expectations. It’s not always easy to ensure this, though. Although a brand may start out as being consistent, growth and change can very easily negatively impact brand consistency. Awareness of changes both in the relevant markets and online – particularly with the rapid updates that occur to social media – is key to ensuring your brand remains consistent over time.


Things to consider to make your brand more consistent

Brand consistency isn’t just about retaining the same logo for twenty years – there are quite a few things that brands rely on for recognition, and you’ll need to monitor every one of these. To start with, these include ensuring consistency of any logos you use in marketing materials and using the same identifiable fonts around your website (otherwise it gives customers the impression they’re on a completely different website), in addition to the use of fonts that complement your site’s tone. Maintaining the tone of your website is important as inconsistency will drive away different audiences – a traditional tone on one page of your website will drive away someone looking for a silly tone and vice versa, so when you implement both it’s not easy to please anyone. This also applies across social media, as a different tone applied by a brand at different intersections give very different signals. For example, an in-store shopper at a high-class boutique store might be put off after they follow you on Facebook and find you connect to people using irreverent memes.


Seeking brand authenticity isn’t as hard as you might think

Although at times you may feel like you’re drowning in a sea of branding and marketing lingo, observing traits of successful business brands is all you need to learn more about brand consistency. In the worst-case scenario where all seems hopeless for your brand, there is always the opportunity to rebrand. This way, you can start fresh with your new knowledge and ensure your new business thrives!

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