Why Camping Has Become a Popular Pastime

Camping is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies among people of all ages. It is especially fun for those who love the great outdoors. From glamping (glamorous camping) to stealth camping (essentially roughing it without anyone knowing), there are as many different types of camping as there are people who enjoy it. It’s also a way to take a breather from city life, artificial experiences, and anything that feels inauthentic or manufactured.

There are many hobbies that people can do while outdoors. Some like to paint or draw, while others take up photography or try their hand at playing an instrument. Some prefer to spend their time outside hiking, biking, or some other activity that gets them away from the city and its artificial lights and noise. Camping has seen a rise in popularity over recent years and is known as a great escape from a busy, stressful lifestyle.

Healthy Living

When we think of camping, images of rugged terrain, marshmallows over a fire, and sleeping in a tent generally pop up. It’s not exactly a conventional vacation, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beneficial. Camping offers numerous benefits for both your physical and mental health. You get to enjoy the great outdoors while being active, connect with nature, and spend time with friends or family in an informal setting. And let’s face it; who doesn’t like s’mores?

Camping helps you take time away from your everyday life by immersing you in nature. Spending days surrounded by trees, climbing rocks, and listening to birds will give you a new perspective on life and help you relax. The fresh air will also do wonders for your health,  studies show spending time outside can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality by lowering cortisol levels.

Getting the Right Equipment

You’ll probably remember being taught about the importance of being prepared for anything from your school safety lessons. To make sure you have an enjoyable experience, you’ll need to be prepped before going camping. Preparing for camping can involve a lot of things: finding the right equipment, making sure your car has enough fuel to last your trip, packing everything that you need, and much more.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget about the details. There are so many fun activities to look forward to that it can feel like splitting hairs to consider how much water you’ll need or if you have enough batteries for your headlamps. However, as with most journeys into the great outdoors, preparation is key. If you want your camping trip to be a success, you’ll need to pack smartly and plan.

A successful camping trip begins with proper pre-trip preparations. This means taking care of small details before leaving home as well as packing essential supplies. Don’t let a minor oversight turn your adventure into a nightmare.

Different Types of Camping

More people are becoming aware of the importance of spending time in nature and getting back to basics. From car camping where you drive to your campsite, to backcountry or trailhead camping where you hike to your site, there’s a type of camping that suits everyone. You can even combine city and camping by staying in a yurt or cabin in either an urban setting or a natural area.

Car Camping

Camping car-style is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of camping without making too many sacrifices. Because you’re only camping in a car, not hiking with one, it’s super easy but also really fun. Many destinations that support this type of camping will have basic amenities like bathrooms and water. It will make things a little more comfortable compared to roughing them out in nature’s elements.

Trailhead Camping

If you’re not familiar with what ‘trailhead camping’ means, it simply refers to places where backpackers can set up a tent or park their camper to rest before they head out on another day of hiking. This style of camping is suited for those who want to leave their car at home and instead have an adventure by packing everything they need on their back.

Freestyle Camping

Everyone loves the outdoors, but not everyone loves leaving their internet connection behind. That’s why you see so many national parks these days with many amenities including Wi-Fi. This kind of camping is perfect for those who like browsing online and using social media.

Gaming Camping

Have you ever heard about gaming camping? Picture a group of friends with their mobile devices and PCs out in the wild playing all sorts of games like CS: GO, Mario Kart, Snakes and Ladders, and more. Yes, you can find a group of players playing different genres of games, even the extraordinary ones like slot games at FanDuel Casino.


If you love the outdoors, camping is an ideal way to get back to nature. There are different kinds of camping available: RV, car, backcountry, and even glamping. It’s a fun activity that brings friends and family together while testing your survival skills by letting you get back to natural living. Camping offers its own unique set of challenges but also rewards you with pretty amazing experiences and unforgettable memories.

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