Why Coworking Spaces In Mumbai Are Ideal for Startups

Owning a business comes with several perks such as being your own boss, no time restrictions, and the ability to experiment with new ideas. But once this phase of excitement is over, the true responsibilities of operating a startup comes into the picture, especially when you’re located in Mumbai. Despite the city’s burgeoning startup culture and robust infrastructure, many startups fail to sustain in India’s financial capital. This is mainly because of the extremely high rentals to afford a stylish office with modern amenities at a prime location in Mumbai.

However, the emergence of world-class coworking spaces such as WeWork, The Playce, Workafella, CoWrks, 91 Springboard, just to name a very few, have transformed the situation entirely. Now, a startup with a limited budget can operate from a premium coworking space. Here’re the key reasons why you should choose coworking spaces in Mumbai.


How Mumbai coworking spaces are promoting startups

  • Affordable: Mumbai is the costliest city in India, and the rents of real estate here are sky-high, which isn’t simply a feasible option for the majority of startups. On the contrary, premium coworking spaces, with their affordable cost, have been able to help these entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of operating from a luxurious shared office space. These pocket-friendly facilities let you book seats either on a daily or monthly basis, without the involvement of a long-term lease. Moreover, they generally charge occupants on per head or per workstation basis, which means you’d only need to pay for the accommodation you actually require. You can also get meeting/conference rooms as and when required by paying a nominal charge.
  • Networking opportunities: Networking plays a crucial role in any startup’s success. And Mumbai, being the country’s financial capital, is the go-to destination for professionals from diverse industries. Here, the startup ecosystem is flooded with a massive number of dynamic professionals. By operating from a coworking space, you can connect and network with many of these professionals to widen your perspectives, which will eventually lead to business growth.
  • Availability of resources to grow: Apart from innovative minds, a startup requires various resources to make its dreams come true. Many coworking space providers in Mumbai appear with a deep understanding of this and act as the perfect incubator. From networking events and mentorship programs to pitch nights and investor meets – they offer an ideal environment to help startups succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • World-class amenities: When a startup becomes a member of a coworking space in Mumbai, it doesn’t need to think about anything but to focus on its goals. All kinds of high-end amenities such as air-conditioning, high-speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, printer/scanner, personal lockers, free parking, CCTV surveillance, front desk service, games room, etc become available to it without any extra cost.


Parting thoughts

For startups, coworking spaces in Mumbai offer a motivating and collaborative environment that they require to grow by leaps and bounds. Being a startup in Mumbai, all you need to do is choose the right coworking space based on your requirements and preferences, and work on achieving your goals by leveraging the motivating environment.

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