Why Data Science Matters and How It Powers Business Value

When it comes to business, the power of information can neither be underestimated nor can it be overlooked, at least as far as growth is concerned. To know their position on the market, devise ways to boost their sales, and employ marketing strategies to attract new clients, businesses often rely on data collected from the field or from online databases. Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg on what data science can do for a business. In addition to this, data science is crucial in other areas such as HR, Finance, Customer Service, IT, and Operations Management in addition to Marketing. Clearly, it matters but how does data sciences power business value in various departments?

Data Science and Business Value


Management – better decisions

Data science is mostly about tracking, measuring, and recording a wide range of metrics deduced from a business’ operations, and analyzing the data to come up with information that can be used to make certain logical assumptions, postulations, predictions, and draw conclusions. And considering that we live in a digital world, data scientists no longer have to bite their nails off and scratch their hair off of their heads digging through piles of paperwork. Data science professionals at RTS Labs (https://rtslabs.com/data-science/) say that as long as your business is online, they’ll employ specialized technology that can help draw conclusions within a matter of hours or days to help the management in any organization make even the most delicate decisions as fast as they’d wish to.


Human Resource – hiring the best talent

In the past, professionals in HR departments used to work like robots, with hips and piles of paperwork to dig through in search of the best candidate for the job. To many, it used to be a nightmare experience. Nowadays, however, all the information you need when seeking the best candidate for a particular job position can be found online, especially through social sites like LinkedIn and corporate databases as well as job-search sites, and data science specialists are always available to help if it proves a bit challenging to get the data.


Customer Service – better client retention/recruitment

What customers want, say, or do matter a lot as far as business is concerned. Data science can help improve your customer service department in more than just a few ways. For instance, a data scientist can help provide you with all the negative feedback, mentions, or reviews online upon request. These can help you know what your prospects would want or which products/services should be shoved off the table. The data could help keep you on heels when it comes to improving customer service in general. Ultimately, this could help improve your client recruitment and retention rates, which is what every entrepreneur wants if at all they want to stay in business.

Data Mining


In conclusion, businesses need to harness the power of data science if at all they see themselves propelling further than they already are. Data science is important and can add value to any business in a variety of ways. It avoids the need to use wishful thinking or second-guessing in important matters of business and adds value. 

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