Why Do You Need a College Counselor?

Transitioning from high school to college can be exciting, yet it can also be challenging.

Not only will you deal with the competitive admissions process, but you will also have to make the necessary adjustments to ease your overall transition.

It is worth noting that only half of the high school students who enter college graduate. Factors affecting the success of college students may involve financial difficulties and their inability to balance personal obligations with academics.

Why Do You Need a College Counselor?


Opting for college counseling online can prevent these challenges. Generally, a school counselor will help students with their academic goals, social, career, and personal development.

Moreover, school counselors also help students set realistic career goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Other than that, school counselors can also assist in:


Helping You Ace Admission Tests

According to the National School Board Association, admission rates in top universities have submerged to 20 percent.

Low rates in college admissions are a result of colleges adopting innovative factors in the admission process.

Your school counselor can utilize resources that will help increase your chances of being admitted.

In some cases, most counselors who specialize in college counseling online will encourage you to take preliminary tests like PSAT 8/9 or PSAT 10 during the preparation period.


Finding the Right Degree Program

School counselors can also assist in helping you find a college major that matches your skillset and interests.

Keep in mind that these school officials usually have access to information about your grades, classes, and extra-curricular activities.

Access to school data enables them to provide you with the necessary information that can help you see the big picture from another perspective.

More often than not, these school counselors will ask you to list fields of study that might be of interest to you. Subsequently, they go through each one of your choices to make sure that you receive the college and career guidance you require.


Alternatively, school counselors will also encourage students to take career assessment or personality evaluator examinations to determine the best program that fits your personality.

You may also be asked to take psychometric tasks. A comprehensive psychometric examination enables school counselors to determine their strengths and weaknesses effectively.

Professional counselors will explain the results of these exams to you and further evaluate the possible steps to ensure a better future for you.

Furthermore, school counselors will browse through your course content to make sure that you are making the right choice in terms of the type of degree and subject matter.


Choose the Right University

Finding the right university can be difficult. After all, no school institution specializes in every degree program.

However, a proficient school counselor knows that there are some critical differences between them, which will enable you to make the big decision better.

Ordinarily, school counselors will go through your list of universities and help you find an institution that aligns with your goals, interests, and personality.


Always remember the right school institution will help you get the best learning possible at a reduced cost.


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