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Why Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Dura lex, sed lex — the law may be complex, but it’s still the law. Gnoratia legis neminem excusat — ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance.

These are the two main reasons why, in the face of any legal infraction, you must hire a lawyer.

Lawyers are more knowledgeable about the law compared to a layman. But, more than mere knowledge of the law, they know the exceptions to the general rule.

In the case of lawsuits, these pieces of valuable knowledge can help build the petitioner’s claim or build the defendant’s defense. Most notably in car accidents where the governing law is complex, you will need a Car Accident Attorney in Chico CA to help you claim damages, prosecute for jail time, or prove your innocence.

Aside from the reasons mentioned, there are other reasons why you need the services of a Car Accident Attorney in Chico CA:

It’s hard to build your case without precise legal knowledge

In collision cases, it’s challenging to determine who is at fault. Most notably in cases of a head-on collision, you have to build your defense to establish that you are not wholly or partly at fault.

You can’t ask for damages if the negligence contributes to the loss you and other victims suffer. It will be easier if you work with a lawyer to establish the following:

  • That you observed the required degree of diligence to avoid causing damage
  • That you are “in pari delicto” with the leading cause of the accident
  • That no injury resulted in damage to life, liberty, or property
  • That you’re the party that has the last chance to do something to avoid the accident.

In most vehicular accidents, the one who bears the liability is the person who has the last chance to do something but didn’t act on it. If you have a lawyer working with you, you get all these done faster and easier.

Lawyers know what damages to ask.

When filing a complaint or counter-complaint, the court will rule based on the petitioner or defendant’s prayer. An example of prayer would be asking the court to rule that the other party is guilty of reckless driving resulting in damage to property and that he should be asked to pay actual damage worth $500,000.”

The court will only grant what you asked in your prayer so, if you don’t know that you have to specify it there, you won’t receive anything. In this case, you save yourself by hiring a lawyer.

The letter and the spirit of the law can protect you, but a great lawyer can secure your life, liberty, and property. If you’re looking for reliable, seasoned, and credible legal representatives, call Peters, Habib, McKenna, Juhl-Rhodes & Cardoza, LLP today.

The four lawyers of the firm have been in the legal profession for quite some time already, so you can be sure that they have that expertise galvanized by experience. They can help you ease the burdens brought by any car litigation you’re involved in.

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