Why Goodmix is the Best Option for Concrete in the North West

Ordering concrete can seem confusing. There’s not only the quantities, grade, and site logistics to cover, there’s also which supplier to entrust with your order. Concrete is a dynamic material and its delivery on site is a key moment in any building project. When it comes to choosing a supplier, you not only need one that can deliver high-quality concrete, but you also require one that can cope with any logistical challenges. Above all else, they need to be reliable.

Luckily, anyone who is looking to order concrete in the North West of England has a company locally that ticks all of the boxes. At Goodmix Concrete in Bury, they are rapidly establishing themselves as the region’s most trusted supplier of ready-mix and barrow mix concrete.


An experienced team

Nothing in the construction sector can match the value of experience. Construction projects always throw up a wide range of different challenges. Knowing how best to respond to them takes a depth of knowledge and adaptability that only comes through experience. If you encounter any difficulties with your construction project it’s good to know you have experienced support to call upon.

Goodmix Concrete has over a decade of frontline construction experience across North West England. In Bury, Altrincham, Oldham, Rochdale, Wigan, or beyond, they understand the requirements and challenges of a wide range of different jobs both large and small. When you order your concrete from Goodmix Concrete you gain access to their wealth of knowledge on construction projects.


A trusted partner

When it comes to large-scale construction and infrastructure projects nothing can be left to chance. Suppliers and materials have to be of the highest quality, yet able to deliver at a price that fits in with the project budget.

Goodmix Concrete is one of the region’s most trusted concrete suppliers. Working on many of the largest commercial projects, from Bury, Rochdale, and Oldham to Leigh, Bolton, and Stockport they have amassed a wealth of experience and have built a strong reputation for the quality of their materials and their ability to deliver the goods as required.


A 24-hour service & next day delivery

Goodmix Concrete recognizes that construction projects don’t always run 9-5. Work can take place at any time of day or night in the construction industry, particularly on large-scale projects where care is being taken to minimize disruption levels to the public.

To cater to this, they specialize in out-of-hours deliveries for a wide range of essential jobs such as barrier repairs, utilities work, motorways, and railway maintenance. They aim to be one of the most responsive concrete suppliers in the industry, offering an evening and weekend service where many others do not.

They can also deliver at short notice, meaning if you’re let down or need more materials than you estimated, Goodmix Concrete can be on-site in no time at all. They work quickly, and with a minimum of fuss and can promise next-day delivery in most instances.

They understand that on-site issues may need an immediate fix, so they endeavor to get to you as quickly as possible. All of their ready-mix products arrive on-site at a time and date to suit you and the progress of your project. The delivery team is experienced at handling a wide range of logistical challenges and is always happy to discuss options with you. Being customer-led, Goodmix Concrete usually has the flexibility to accommodate different requirements.


Save time and minimize waste

Ready mix concrete is a versatile choice for a wide variety of construction projects. Even if your project doesn’t require motorway style quantities of concrete, having a well-timed delivery of precisely the correct amount saves you time and minimises waste. Both ultimately help to keep a hold on your overall project costs.

Ready mix concrete is a greener option for construction as it generates little or no waste. Exact quantities are made, and it arrives finished and ready for use when you need it. Goodmix’s batching plant based in Bury is continually engaged in producing all kinds of concrete at all times of day every day, so no order is too big or too small.


An adaptable fleet

Goodmix Concrete has an adaptable fleet of vehicles that can handle a range of logistical challenges. The fleet includes drum mixers with capacities of 4m3, 6m3 and 8m3. They can provide a mini-mixer for limited access areas.

Once on site, volumetric mixers can prepare up to 10m3 per delivery to ensure you have exactly the amount you need if time is particularly short.


Great customer service

Goodmix Concrete places a real emphasis on customer service. Everything they do is geared towards ensuring that the customer has the best experience from ordering through to delivery.


  • Work closely with the customer to ensure that their project is completed on time and on budget.
  • Can advise about quantities and the appropriate grade of concrete for whatever you have in mind.
  • Provide a service both to experienced construction professionals and to people who are undertaking a construction project for the first time.
  • Always listen carefully, are happy to share their advice, and are on hand to answer any questions throughout the process.


Your North West Concrete specialists

If you’re working on any kind of construction project across the North West, Goodmix Concrete should be your first choice for concrete.

If you have any questions about their service, would like to discuss your requirements or place an order, why not contact Goodmix Concrete today?

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