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Why Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Cortland NY After A Crash

Driving a motorcycle can be quite a treat for pleasure-seekers! While others prefer to drive four-wheeled automobiles, there are also those who enjoy being on a motorcycle, as it’s also quite a faster way to get through the traffic, especially in places like Cortland New York.

With this, thrill and convenience, however, also come in significant risks of accidents. It’s undeniable that motorcycles are less stable than those with four wheels. Motorcycle accidents are often more dangerous than cars.

Why Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Cortland NY After A Crash

When you, or a family member or friend figure into a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to make sure that you have the best recourse, which is seeking the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer, like one from Greene & Reid, pllc.

That said, here are the reasons why you should hire one:

1. A Lawyer Can Help You File The Right Documents

Especially if you’re the victim, before you can claim any legal compensation for damages, you’ll still have to go through the process of filing documents. There’s always going to be a massive load of paperwork that you have to do. When you’re injured, it can be inconvenient for you to have done all the paperwork by yourself. There’s also a chance that you may not know how and where to start.

To help ease this burden, it’s best that you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you out. Remember that an error in the filing of these documents can mean severe consequences that can potentially hamper your chances of earning the right compensation.

2. A Lawyer Can Help You In Dealing With Insurance Companies

When you have an accident, dealing with insurance companies is nothing but natural, especially in filing your claims. For you to be fully compensated, you have to face these giants. But, keep in mind that when you’re talking with insurance companies, you’re never on an equal footing. Insurance providers are more knowledgeable about insurance law than you are, and they’re there to do business, too. Hence you shouldn’t be too reliant and feel like they’re going to be on your side, 100%.

If you don’t feel confident about dealing with insurance companies by yourself, ask a motorcycle accident lawyer to be with you, or to do it on your behalf. These lawyers are more knowledgeable about insurance matters than you are, as they spent time in law school studying about it. With a lawyer, it’s assumed that you’re getting the best of your rights, after such an unfortunate situation.

A bonus tip for you to remember is never to immediately agree on what an insurance company is going to offer you, without having a lawyer double-check it. When you make this mistake, chances are, you aren’t going to be fairly compensated.

Motorcycle Accident

3. A Lawyer Can Help You Achieve All Your Rights

When you meet an accident, you may not be fully aware of the rights that you’re entitled to. What are you going to do about your lost wages for the days that you had to be absent from work? Is this something that you’re going to accept as lost, or are you going to fight for your rights, even further?

Yes, you’re entitled to compensation even for these kinds of losses, as a part of your claims against the negligent party. Without a lawyer by your side, you may be losing so much of your rights, by failing to appropriately claim them.

Other damages that you’re entitled to claim can include:

  • Emotional pain and suffering.
  • Economic losses suffered by your family, if you’re the sole breadwinner.
  • Benefits and other claims your family is entitled to, should there be death.

When all your rights are met, you can feel more like you have control over your healing process, thereby releasing you from any anxiety that you may be feeling.

4. A Lawyer Can Attest All The Proper Circumstances

Liability in an accident can sometimes be challenging to prove, especially when there aren’t any witnesses around. At the outset, you might think that you’re at fault, but it’s only upon further investigation that it’s seen that the other party is the negligent one. This is why, after an accident, you should immediately call for a lawyer.

By hiring a good motorcycle accident lawyer, you’re assured that the negligent party is facing all the liabilities that he deserves, after being reckless.


If you’re in a motorcycle accident, often you may feel confused as to what it is you should do after. If there are injuries and damages to property, it’s not always the case, too, that you’re immediately aware of your rights to claims.

To help make your situation more manageable, motorcycle accident lawyers can be of excellent help to you. After an accident, remember the basic rule: call for a motorcycle accident lawyer.

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