Why Is PPC a Good Option for Businesses?

The Internet is slowly becoming a crowded marketplace as businesses strive to create a digital presence. To stand out, brands now have to think outside the box

The Internet is slowly becoming a crowded marketplace as businesses strive to create a digital presence. To stand out, brands now have to think outside the box. They must blend both organic and paid marketing strategies that promise measurable results. Pay-per-click (PPC) is an ideal place to start.

Also known as “paid search marketing” or “search engine marketing” (SEM), PPC is suitable for any business that seeks instant marketing rewards and high rankings in user search results.


What Is PPC and How Does It Work?

PPC is an advertising option that allows a business (the advertiser) to display an ad in an ad space and only pay after a user’s click. The purpose of creating a PPC ad is to direct a user to perform a specific valuable action, such as downloading an application, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase.

To begin PPC marketing, brands create an account on an ad platform and set up a campaign with keywords and a predetermined budget. As a user types in their search query, the advertising service runs a background auction to select an ad for a relevant search term and then place that ad at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).


To increase your chances of appearing first, ensure that the following apply to your ad:

  • Your ad is relevant to the keywords selected.
  • The landing page is of high quality.
  • You have a relatively high bid amount.

Popular examples of PPC advertising platforms include Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Some social media platforms, such as Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, are also gaining in popularity.


What Makes PPC a Good Option for Businesses?

Easy and Fast Results

Unlike most organic marketing efforts, such as SEO and social media, PPC provides nearly automatic results. This is because there are tens of thousands of search queries happening at any given second. Thus, the chances that a user is typing in your chosen or related keywords are high.

If you adhere to a few simple guidelines when creating your ad and accompanying bid, then the probability of ranking first in the ad space of the SERP is higher. This way, even if a user does not click on your ad, they are likely to see your business anyway.

The process of setting up an account and ad campaign is also straightforward. Most platforms require zero technical know-how.


PPC Allows Advanced Targeting Options

If your business operates in a highly segmented market, then PPC is your go-to marketing model. PPC allows you to advertise to a specific segment of your target audience based on characteristics like age, location, demographics, date, device in use and a long list of other factors.

For example, if you have just opened a new dental clinic in a particular town, dental PPC enables you to target users restricted to that geographic area. This makes PPC an ideal platform for testing and identifying marketing strategies that are likely to yield maximum impressions.


PPC Provides a Wealth of Useful Marketing Data

Besides providing fast, measurable results, PPC also offers trackable data that can be applied to other marketing efforts. PPC performance includes information such as the number of clicks for a particular keyword and their accompanying conversion numbers. This data can further enhance your additional marketing campaigns by using keywords with high conversion rates on your website and blog articles.


Flexible and Budget-Friendly 

With PPC, the ad space provider only deducts the agreed-upon cost-per-click (CPC) after a successful click. This means that you can measure the worth of your PPC marketing strategy and whether it is the right marketing approach for you.

If you have seen tangible results and would like to invest more in PPC, you can increase your budget. If you have not seen the results you were after, however, PPC marketing allows you to immediately turn off the campaign and concentrate on other strategies.

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