Why It Is Important To Have a Goal In Life?

It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot

Why set goals when you can live life without it? Isn’t it that unguarded moments and spontaneous decisions are the ones that give color to ones numbered days? Those are the questions that might be playing in your mind when asked about your plans for the future and I won’t tell you its wrong to think that way. However, you cannot deny that sometimes, along with the way of living that kind of life, you might get lost and believe that it was hard to find your way back.


Now, here is where goal setting plays its part. Here are some important reasons why having goals are necessary:

1. You Have Control Over Your Life

As absurd as this sounds, having a goal will not limit you but will give you more control over your life. Why? Because it directs you and helps you in choosing which road to take and which ones to set aside. With that, you will have a clearer picture of your destination in life, which will give you more time to plan and prepare for what you need for the future you choose.

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2. You, Will, Know What To Prioritise

Your goals help you filter the most important things to do now from the ones that are only wasting your time. It will save you from exhausting all your time and energy into something you will eventually find trivial. With clear goals in your mind, you will know which ones deserve your precious time.

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3. You Will More Likely Make Better Decisions

When your goals are set, it will most likely help you identify the right choices based on the long-term view of your purpose. You can always go back to your purposeرwhy you have these goals and then come up with a decision when putting in that kind of situation.


4. You Will Most Likely Stop Procrastinating

Because you know what to focus on and you have already organized your priorities, it will give you no time to daydream and simply procrastinate. You will have to be busy making your dreams happen.


5. You, Will, Take The Closer Path To Success

Goals guide you to where you want to be and help you determine what you want to achieve. Just imagine that زgoalsس are like your path through a thick forest. Imagine having no trail to guide you when walking in the woods you aren’t familiar with. Chances are, you’ll get lost or worse; you will never find your way out. But with a goal to guide you, you know which road to take, and that road leads you to where you need to be.


Lastly, goals will motivate you to start working on your future now. It’s never too late to start as long as you know where you are going.w

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