Why It Is Important to Protect Your Knuckles

It’s no secret that keeping our bodies as healthy as possible is important and protects our knuckles, and pretty much everyone knows this. But even though they are aware of the fact, people tend to overlook the details like the parts of our bodies that we don’t consider as something majorly important. The truth is, that every part of our bodies has some connection to other regions, making them just as important.

So, this is why knuckles, even though something that we rarely consider essential, play a significant role when it comes to our hands. On that note, in this article, we are going to explain just why it is so important to protect your knuckles.

What causes knuckle injuries?

Whether you are a boxer, a kickboxer, or if you are doing martial arts that require you to pack a punch, you are probably in the category of people who are most likely to end up with a knuckle injury. The most common way to injure your knuckles is by practicing without knuckle protection. It is baffling how many people tend to practice punching without gloves.

The reason for this probably lies within the mainstream media. Whether we are talking about movies or even about video games, it seems as if almost always it happens like this: the fighting scene is coming up. This cool guy starts packing punches like it’s nothing, no protection, no gloves, nothing — just bare hands. And afterward, okay, sometimes it seems as if the knuckles hurt him a bit, but overall, it’s brushed off as if absolutely nothing has happened.

This is just downright false! Probability is, if you hit something forcefully, no matter if it’s another person, a punching bag, or god forbid a wall, it will show, and it will hurt. It will most definitely cause, at the very least, and if you are very lucky, bruising, and discomfort. So, needless to say, wear protective gloves!

There is a wide variety of protection gloves out there, so, it will be best for you to do some research and find out what suits you the most – you can find out more about that kind of information at So, as we have already said, be sure to inform yourself on the topic. The only easy step between you and the safety of your knuckles is the protection gloves.

Possible injuries and related problems if not protect your knuckles

Okay, now that we have covered the whys and the hows, let’s talk about the injuries that may occur in the case of unprotected training on the punching bag or similar occasions.

– Bruised knuckles

This is the mildest form of injury that can occur regarding the previously mentioned scenarios. You will probably feel pain on the affected knucklebones, as well as on the surrounding areas. The severity of the pain depends on how significant your injury is, which further depends on the intensity of the punch that caused it. The possibility is high that you will also experience discoloration, bleeding, and swelling. Tenderness as well as various mobility issues when it comes to your fingers and hands are also likely.

– Fractured knuckles

This is a more severe injury. It is way more painful, and it will possibly be hard to bend your fingers, as every move is followed by pain. In some cases, you might not even be able to move the fingers affected. Also, the knuckles in question might be looking disfigured after the injury has taken place and can be followed by a cracking sound.

– Boxer’s fracture

This is probably the most severe injury that can happen to your knuckles this way. It even got its name since it is mostly associated with boxers. In its most dangerous type of boxer’s fracture, what will happen is that the bone that connects your ring finger or the little finger to your wrist will break, and the bones are going to push through the skin, cutting it in the process. This is a pretty severe and scary injury, so be sure to wear the right protection.

Long term damage

While getting injured is bad enough, it is even worse if the injury turns into a problem that will follow you later on. This can happen, especially if you continue to do what has caused the damage in the first place. Just taking the fact that the knuckles are the joints that help our fingers to move into consideration should tell you how important it is to avoid this. 

When we get older, our hands and joints tend to hurt more and more, and having an injury of this type will not help you in the long term.

Long term damage Knuckles

A little goes a long way when it comes to hand protection. So, we hope that now you understand why it is important to be careful, the risk isn’t worth it! Wear gloves, be safe, and good luck!

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