Why Low-Level Laser Therapy is Good for Boosting Hair Growth?

Hair loss, thinning, and shedding are pretty common owing to several factors. With the constant stress, lack of a balanced diet, and poor lifestyle, hair fall is pretty much occurring in both men and women.

Skin disorders and poor scalp health often is a triggering factor that causes inflammation and reduces the ability of the hair follicles to follow a normal hair cycle.

Before starting with the treatment, it is recommended to meet a trichologist to understand the underlying cause of hair loss and thinning. An effective way of boosting hair growth from the dormant hair follicles is through laser treatment.

The use of laser therapy hair growth stimulates the follicles and boosts the growth of hair.

All you need to know about laser therapy for hair growth

Laser for hair growth has become quite popular nowadays for promoting hair regrowth. Low-level laser therapy is used that stimulates the hair follicles and hence boosts its growth. There are many laser hair growth techniques that use LED beams that thicken hair and have the power to stop hair loss.

Laser hair growth treatments have become increasingly popular as it improves the blood supply and nutrients to the hair.

  • Laser treatment for hair often uses low-level laser therapy. The laser hits the hair follicles, improves blood circulation, and stimulates the growth of new hair. It is quite effective in breaking hair growth dormancy.
  • Laser therapy does not affect the hormone levels nor lower the DHT levels. Hence, it does not cause any adverse impact.
  • The pricing of the therapy differs depending on the type of laser treatment used. Some treatments need multiple sessions and hence might be more expensive.

How does the laser work for hair growth?

Often low-level therapy, also known as red light or cold laser therapy using red light therapy beds, is used for boosting hair growth. Laser irradiates photons into the scalp tissues that are absorbed by the weak cells. This in turn stimulates its growth and hence helps regrow hair. As per research, here are some of the benefits offered by laser treatment:

  • It helps in prolonging the hair growth phase known as anagen and hence stimulates growth. As the growth stage is prolonged, it continues to boost hair growth.
  • Stress and many other factors often cause dormancy in the hair follicles. Low laser treatment stimulates the follicles that have entered the dormant phase. Hence, it reverts the follicles from their telogen phase to the growth phase.
  • It helps in slowing down the transition to the regression phase, which is also known as catagen.

Laser hair treatment is safe and suitable for both men and women. Alopecia is a common hair thinning or hair fall condition and is more predominant in males. On providing laser therapy, it improves blood circulation which in turn helps with new hair growth. It also promotes the repair and regeneration of tissue as the red laser light penetrates the scalp.

Advantages or benefits of laser hair therapy

Although medications or injections are common for hair loss treatment laser treatment helps with better hair growth. It restores hair growth by maximizing hair follicle stimulation. Here are some benefits of using laser treatment:

  • It is a non-invasive and painless process as compared to hair transplant surgery. It does not even involve medications that otherwise might cause imbalance. 
  • As per research, low-level laser therapy is safe and does not have side effects. It’s a safe method that quickly boosts the hair follicle and ensures stronger growth.
  • It helps with long-term hair growth and hence addresses a range of concerns like hair shedding, hair thinning, or premature loss of hair. 

Looking for an effective and non-invasive hair growth treatment? Low-level laser speaks is your answer. 

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