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Why More Of Us Are Ditching The iPhone

For the longest time, the iPhone has had the largest market share in smartphone sales in the country and even beyond. Most iPhone customers stayed loyal to the brand and didn’t even think twice about trading their old model in for a newer one with each new release. However, this trend seems to have changed in 2018. Research done by BankMyCell showed that in 2018, only 73 percent of iPhone users retained the brand. Samsung users, on the other hand, remained loyal to the brand with 92.F3 percent of android users retaining the model. Most iPhone users are trading in their iOS devices for Android. So, why are people ditching the iPhone for android alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus?

Android offers Real Upgrades

For the longest time, iPhone users have been complaining that Apple seems to have reached the end of their creativity when it comes to upgrading their cellphones. Most seem to have reached a place where they do not see the need to pay more for the minimal tweaks that the company makes before releasing a new model of their phones. A quick comparison between the features offered by each subsequent iPhone model and what android, and especially Samsung, offers indicate that the team at Samsung is giving more value for the money. For a really great deal check out the Compare My Mobile website. 

Here is a side by side comparison of the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus.

Samsung S8 Plus

Weight: 6.1 Ounces

Screen: 6.2 Inch

Resolution : 529ppi

MicroSD slot: Yes

NFC support: Yes


Battery: 3500mAh

iPhone 8Plus

Weight: 7.13Ounces

Screen: 5.5 Inch

Resolution : 401ppi

MicroSD slot: No

NFC support: Apple pay only


Battery: 2617mAh

This is a selection of the features where the Samsung S8 plus seems to be a better upgrade than the iOs device. The interesting thing is that even in the other aspects, iOS is performing just as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and not better.

Better Storage

One area where Android phones seem to have the edge over the iPhones is storage. The Samsung S8 Plus, for instance, comes in 64GB and 256GB. Additionally, the phone has a microSD card that can support an extra 2TB of data. The iPhone 8 plus only has 64GB and 256GB internal storage. In theory, this means that the Samsung device should have an easier time juggling chrome tabs than the iOS device. However, it is hard to tell if this is the case because both devices do not manage their memory in the same way.

Better Camera

Let’s be honest; most of the iPhone users are millennials and generation Y. It is a generation that has to document everything happening in their lives. There was a time when the iPhone selfie was the cleanest image in the market. However, android gadgets such as Oppo, and even the newest Samsung models have advanced cameras with clearer images.

Better Sales and after Sales Deal

Apple was the goto brand when you wanted excellent after-sales services. However, the Chinese market seems to have woken up and realized the importance of customer retention. For instance, when the Samsung Note 7 tablets started catching fire randomly in 2017, the company seemed to have hit a snag they couldn’t navigate. However, they recalled most of the tablets and came back even stronger and better than before making it the best deal. The way they handled the matter helped them retain a lot of their customers.

China versus US technological wars also seems to have impacted customer loyalty to the iPhone. The most recent 5G wars saw Huawei get denied access to the American Market. In retaliation, the Chinese have dropped Apple products, a trend which is spreading throughout Asia. By the end of the day, people realize that Android devices have the same features, if not better than the iPhone, and Android is much more reasonably priced.

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