Why Move to North Carolina? 5 Great Reasons

Are you thinking about moving to North Carolina? Whether you’re trading in the soot of an old factory for the sweet southern breezes of welcoming neighbors, it’s a big decision.

Knowing where to move and where you want to settle down is the first step. The second is knowing all about North Carolina, the pros, and the cons.

It should come as no surprise that North Carolina is a great place to call home. However, there may be things about the state that are new to you.

Keep reading to learn five great reasons why move to North Carolina.

1. A Lot of Outdoors Activities

North Carolina offers a vast number of outdoor activities that may appeal to the outdoor enthusiast. With its location in the Appalachian Mountains, the state offers an abundance of mountain trails for hiking, mountain biking, and camping.

Water activities include swimming, rafting, kayaking, and fishing in the many rivers, lakes, and oceans. There are plenty of picturesque mountains, valleys, and forests to explore. This includes beaches and lighthouses that are easily reached. Moving to North Carolina can greatly help your well-being.

2. Finding a Job is Easy

Moving to North Carolina is a great choice for those looking for a new home and an easy job search. North Carolina consistently ranks highly in job opportunities, and many jobs are plentiful across multiple industries. A great benefit to making North Carolina your home is that it has the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the country, compared to the national average.

Because of the variety of outdoor activities, the fitness industry there is in demand. Visit ASFA to learn more about the fitness industry in North Carolina.

3. Presence of Top Colleges and Universities

North Carolina is a great place to move for those looking to attend one of the top colleges and universities. With some of the best public institutions in the nation, you can achieve a quality education without having to break the bank or take on loans.

For starters, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides world-class programs in fields such as law, medicine, and business.

4. Classic and Innovative Food and Drink

North Carolina is quickly becoming a hot spot for new and innovative food. With five distinct regions and a wide variety of restaurant options, there is something for foodies from all walks of life.

In addition to the incredible restaurants, North Carolina offers plenty of opportunities for craft brewing and distilling. With some of the best craft brewers and distillers producing some of the finest spirits in the state, it offers a unique taste of the region.

5. Excellent Healthcare Options

One of the biggest advantages living in North Carolina offers is its excellent healthcare options. North Carolina is home to some of the best hospitals in the country. This means that residents of the state can access quality care in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The state also offers many different types of insurance plans. This is from Medicaid to employer-sponsored coverage, ensuring that everyone gets the medical attention they need.

So, Why Move to North Carolina Today?

North Carolina is a great place to call home. It offers unbeatable scenery, excellent educational opportunities, and unbeatable recreational activities that make for a great quality of life. For these five great reasons and so much more, why move to North Carolina as your new home?

In planning a move make sure to do a lot of research. Check out the best places to live in the area today and start planning for your move!

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