Why Order Ohlins Suspension & Lower Your Ride? Here’s Why!

Lowered suspension looks great on a car, of that, there is little doubt. However, when you order Ohlins suspension with a view to lowering your ride, you get a lot more than that. That’s precisely what we’ll be looking at in this blog, as we seek to shed some light on the subject for people who think it’s all about the aesthetics.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that when any person decides to order Ohlins suspension kits online, they have no idea of what they’re buying, but we don’t feel that the full benefit they bring isn’t as widely known as it should be. So, kick back, pour yourself a soft drink and we’ll take you through why it’s such a good investment.


You Get Better Aerodynamics When You Order Ohlins Suspension

When you have aftermarket suspension added to your vehicle, you get better aerodynamics because when your car is lowered, less air passes underneath when you drive. In this scenario, you get less wind drag, so you drive faster, which is why sportier-looking cars tend to look like they’re lower to the ground.


Aftermarket Suspension Improves a Car’s Traction & Handling

When you order Ohlins suspension, you improve your car’s handling and traction, which occurs, in part, because your car is closer to the ground. There are rare occasions when proximity to the ground can reduce handling performance, but in most cases, the opposite will happen and your handling and grip will improve.


Order Ohlins Suspension & Get More Comfort for Your Car

Another reason why aftermarket suspension is a great addition to any car is that lower suspension typically means a more comfortable ride. Many people report this aspect as a nice side-effect of having Ohlins Suspension installed and you can too!


Lowered Suspension Reduces Vulnerability to Rolling Over

Another welcome side-effect of having a lowered suspension is a lower center of gravity, which greatly reduces your car’s vulnerability to rolling over. The higher a vehicle sits, the more likely it is that its center of gravity becomes unbalance and results in a highly dangerous tipping motion. This is much less likely when you’re lower down.


Order Ohlins Suspension from the Experts at Spring rates Now

As you can see, aftermarket suspension is much more than making your ride look super cool, as the benefits to your car’s handling and safety also get a huge boost. What you invest your money in is entirely your prerogative, but if it’s in your suspension, you will see precisely where your money went when you get behind the wheel.

At Spring rates, you can order Ohlins suspension from our website and receive it the next day when you live in the continental USA. The same goes for every item in our massive range of in-stock big brand suspension parts and components. Visit us online at today and take a look around. We’re sure we’ll have something in stock to suit your requirements.

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