Why Organic Tea Is Better for Good Health?

The word organic is trending a lot these days. More and more people are swapping organic like tea, especially in Australia. Organic tea comes from tender, delicate tea leaves, and buds, which go through natural methods of extraction. Thus, we get a natural product that is less harmful to our bodies and the environment.

With a cup of tea that is organically produced, one can lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, there are several benefits of buying organic tea online or nearby shop for your daily use.

But with organic, there are many conventional teas in the market, which are harvested and grown by using different chemicals or pesticides. These chemicals or pesticides not only speed up the growth but also enhance the taste and aroma of our cup of tea. No doubt, people in the modern world are more dependent on these types of teas due to convenience. However, organic tea is the healthier option.

Several benefits are stressing to use of organic instead of conventional. But before heading towards these benefits, let’s discuss some of the differences between organic and conventional tea:

  • Pesticides, herbicides, non-organic fertilizers, chemicals, and fungicides are not utilized in naturally grown teas during cultivation. All these affect the human body and climate harmfully. Shockingly, conventional tea cultivation includes all of these things.
  • The organic way of cultivating tea sustains and enhances the ecosystem, including soil, plants, adults, and human beings. Farmers use natural cultivating strategies to deliver natural tea that empowers nearby greenery and wildlife life to prosper. However, the conventional method does not help the ecosystem in any way.
  • Organic tea is used in naturopathy but conventional can’t be used. What a naturopath does; is heal one’s body with organic food and natural products. Conversely, conventional products harm our health at some points.
  • Organic tea is generally produced in small-scale farms but conventional tea needs large-scale manufacturing, which means a huge land for cultivation. During the process, it influences wildlife in a bad manner and also becomes the reason for tree destruction.
  • Organic tea also empowers small land farmers and strengthens local communities. On the other hand, as above mentioned, conventional tea comes up with a mass production that needs only labor-power under some circumstances.
  • Organic tea cannot be GMOs (genetically modified organisms) but conventional tea can be.

So, after learning the differences, let’s talk about beneficial reasons to drink organic tea:

1- Ensures good health

Organic teas are really good for one’s health. Unlike conventional teas, there are no pesticides and chemicals used during the cultivation process. Thus, there will be no harmful side effects of organic tea. Also, they take care of our hearts and skin. Additionally, they help in weight loss and may reduce the chances of cancer as well.

2- Lowers the risk for farmers

Working in organic fields is better for farmers as they aren’t at risk from chemicals. During the cultivation process, if farmers work with harsh pesticides or chemicals, then it leads to poisoning and risk of cancer. However, the situation is the opposite in organic farming. Thus, it lowers the health risk for farmers.

3- Empowers small farmers

Most organic tea farms are small businesses. Farmers producing organic teas have small-sized lands and from there they produce good quality products of tea. Therefore, by consuming organic tea, we can help in empowering these small farmers.

4- Helps to reduce toxicity in the environment

Organic farming usually avoids the modern methods of cultivation which is about to lead to toxicity in the environment. Thus, organic tea also helps to reduce the toxic environment in the surrounding area.  On the other hand, conventional tea cultivation damages the environment in many ways. The fertilizers used in conventional methods reduce the productive quality of soil and pesticide spray poisons the air. It has bad effects on the environment.

5- Do not cause any damage to the ecosystem

Organic tea farming doesn’t cause any major environmental damage. On the other hand, conventional methods possess chemicals and fertilizers which can harm the local ecosystem. However, organic teas do not pose any danger to such species. Thus, it protects the ecosystem.

6- Better in taste

Organic teas, being produced by natural methods, have far better taste. These tastes are unique and soothe one’s body, mind, and soul. Every different tea has its kind of taste, specific benefits, and places from where you can purchase it. For this, you should research what are benefits of green tea and from where you can buy them online in Australia. Also, there are no chemicals are used to change the natural taste, which ensures a delicious cup of tea.

Reading all the above-mentioned reasons and benefits, you might have convinced yourself to turn to the organic form of tea. A variety of tastes and teas are available in organic forms like green tea, lemon tea, barley tea, and so on. Apart from these, there are endless benefits of each organic tea, which leads you to a healthy lifestyle. So, choose the one that suits you best.

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