Why Prefer iMind to Other Similar Solutions

Business is tricky in modern conditions as today people need to consider both conditions of on-site work and remote communication. It can be combined or organized as a specific mode of work, but the fact remains still – modern requirements for video conferencing became far more demanding. Why is it so, and how iMind meets these requirements – read below.

The main reason for the demand for online meetings

Online meetings were a go-to thing when the pandemic changed the world. But nowadays, there are so many ways to beat this trouble – and people still prefer remote work. Why?

  • The first reason is comfort. Remote work gives more flexibility and for different people, it gives various advantages. For some, it is a way to provide themselves with a decent well-paid job; for others – it is a mental advantage allowing them to work with more pleasure than it was in office conditions; for third – it is a way to stay more often with their dearest and nearest as they do not need to go on business trips so frequently. 
  • The second reason is saving time and resources. Saving time refers to the hours you spend while going to the office and back, days spent on the roads for another trip to get to an appointment at the right time. Resources are directly connected with the mentioned and other situations. 
  • The third reason is advanced technology implementation more smoothly. Compared to office projector systems, screen sharing is a much easier and faster way to share information. Recording the meetings have the same considerable difference. Video conferencing platforms can facilitate significantly the entire process of work with tech.

These factors are the baseline for video conferencing to hold its position so strongly. But platforms and solutions still differ a lot.

Benefits of iMind that make it stand out

The iMind tool is another video conferencing solution that becomes more and more popular in recent years. It provides the same functionality as the other similar solutions do, but its peculiarity is that the platform combines all the best features of this technology in one piece of software. To say more specifically, these features include:

  • the simplicity of use;
  • minimalistic and stylish interface;
  • availability through various devices and resources (in-app or in-browser usage);
  • high-quality video and setting capacities;
  • top quality sound, elimination of background noise, setting the volume of the attendees;
  • recording opportunities;
  • the division into four plans for every business size;
  • a rich featured free plan allowing to use iMind for work by individuals.

These points provide versatility for use in diverse spheres for various purposes.

Which plan is the best for your case

As it was mentioned, there are four plans that users can choose from:

  • use free of charge – does not require any data to be entered except for the standard account information; it is perfect for independent specialists and freelancers;
  • the Pro subscription – extends the limits to provide more opportunities for teamwork; dedicated to small teams to work on projects with comfort;
  • the Business option – opens more advanced features like custom subdomain use or live streaming; it is suggested for small companies;
  • the Enterprise plan – provides the fullest pack possible.

Depending on your sphere, some requirements may vary, but generally, the plans offer the optimal sets of functions for each business size. To learn more, visit iMind.com.

The best about video conferencing is that this technology is versatile for hobbies, work, and private life. But when it’s about a business you need to consider all the finesses of your work process to find the best option. The iMind tool provides ample room for your comfort, so go now and see!

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