Why Robotic Automation is the Future of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has seen different aspects of robotic automation in the modern-day world. Robots perform simple but important tasks like welding, shipping, assembly, and product packaging. These tasks would take us quite a lot of time to do if we were to do them manually.

In this article, you will learn more about the role of robots and they should be considered the future of the manufacturing industry.  can be used across different industries regardless of the size of the company and its manufacturing businesses. Here is why robotics should be embraced.

Robotics Save Money & Time

Since the early 1960s, robots have been used to ease the workload in manufacturing industries. There has been a significant improvement since then and today, robots can be easily installed and are also cheaper and affordable. A study done by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) revealed that companies using robotics for manual labor experienced increased sales and their production cost went down dramatically, ensuring massive profits. Robots can also work 24/7 increasing productivity.

They are Scalable

If you want exact measurements and proportions, robots are the option should go for. In the manufacturing industry, mistakes tend to be made especially when it involves measurements that require high accuracy, this is hard to achieve if you’re working with human labor who are prone to errors. Robots, however, can be scaled to give the exact dimensions as instructed.

They are Easy to Program

Today’s robots no longer need complex programming languages to operate. Instead can be taught in two easy ways. The first is through offline programming and the other is by use of a teach pendant. This method involves a programmer guiding the robot through the steps. The robotic machines also give an allowance for the instructions to be stored making the process even simpler when you want to operate it next time.

Robotics create more Jobs

Contrary to the thoughts of many, robots create more employment opportunities. They increase jobs in programming, engineering, end-effector design, data analysis, and robot manufacturing fields. Without humans, these machines won’t run, ensuring employment slots in the mentioned fields.
In addition, robots help prevent workers from doing repetitive, dangerous tasks that could have a huge impact on their ability to work.

Robots provide manufacturers with an opportunity to save on production costs, maximize production, and remain competitive in the market.

Robots also minimize material waste that could arise from the production stage. With this ever skyrocketing technology standards, scientists have invented Intelligent robots that have attributes almost similar to that of a human.

These intelligent robots can help increase productivity in the manufacturing industry as IFR reported. They can reduce losses, reduce environmental pollution avoid the spillage of chemicals and radioactive in nuclear power plants and they are used in waste cleanups.

It is therefore high time society embraced robotics as they will play a very significant role in the growth of the manufacturing industry. Indeed, robotic automation is the future of the manufacturing industry.

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