Why the Schroth Method is the Favored Non-Surgical Treatment for Scoliosis

A lot of people look for non-surgical scoliosis treatments because they’re not big fans of subjecting their child to invasive procedures at such an early age. When it comes to severe scoliosis, surgery might just be the only option, but for those with moderate scoliosis or for children whose spines are only starting to curve abnormally, the Schroth method is a preferred option.

The Schroth Method is used by many doctors because, if done early, it’s one of the most effective ways to correct spinal curvature in children and adolescents, saving them from invasive surgery at a young age. The Schroth Method is a series of exercises that involve proper breathing, correct posture, and muscular balance. As a multidisciplinary approach to scoliosis treatment, it’s also used by many adults to manage pain brought about by abnormal spine curvature.

A Brief Look at the Schroth Method

Much like other posture and core-strengthening exercises (like Pilates), the Schroth method emphasizes correcting posture slowly over time. What makes the Schroth method unique from Pilates, however, is that it is focused primarily on scoliosis treatment and is focused on fixing posture from a 3-dimensional standpoint.

This is important because scoliosis is a deformity in the spine that exists 3-dimensionally: it’s not just a matter of the spine curving up or down, but it also curves sideways, diagonally, and sometimes in a twisting, spiral shape. Thus, non-surgical scoliosis treatments need to straighten the spine using a comprehensive approach that aligns it in a 3-dimensional plane. The Schroth Method achieves this using postural control in the front-back part of the spine (otherwise known as the sagittal plane), displacing the frontal plane in a side-to-side motion, and through the rotation of the transverse plane.

The Schroth Method for Children and Adolescents: An Early Start on the Straight Path

For children and adolescents, a combination of the Schroth Method and back braces has seen very successful results over the decades. This is because the Schroth Method, paired with braces, acts on juvenile spinal bones which are still relatively flexible and easier to influence. For children with only mild spinal curvature, many doctors use the Schroth Method alone, as braces become unnecessary and redundant after only a few sessions.

Take note, however, that for juveniles and adolescents, parents should only go to a clinic with Certified Schroth Method practitioners, as this ensures that your child is getting as much expert care as possible. Most of these practitioners will also advise you on the proper diet for your children which might include nuts, lean meats, orange juice (with pulp or no pulp), milk, and other whole foods that encourage bone growth and strong muscles.

The Schroth Method for Adults: Enhancing Quality of Life and Raising Postural Awareness

For adults, the spine is much ‘stiffer’ because it is fully developed, which means that manipulating and influencing it is much more difficult. However, The Schroth Method is still the most favored non-surgical scoliosis treatment amongst adults because the exercises in the Schroth Method are designed to help adults learn more about postural control and how to do daily activities in such a way that it helps manage pain and further spinal curvature.

The Schroth Method for adults is focused on boosting postural awareness, which means incorporating exercises and activities that help adults be more mindful of how their back is positioned and encourage movements that adjust them accordingly.

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