Why Top Brands are Engaging in Influencer Marketing with Promotional Products

Times have changed. Gone were the days when marketing was all about word of mouth or cable networks. Selling today means being able to form relationships and memorable ones to that. As a business, one tested way of increasing sales volumes is going out of your way to relate to your customers. Businesses are getting creative around how they get to engage this.

Promotional products as a marketing strategy

Promotional products entered the marketing scene a few years back. As a cost-effective marketing tactic, startups to large enterprises have embraced it. They have since been picked up as a favorite by many marketers. Fast forward today, there are even more effective marketing tactics.

Influencer marketing as a marketing strategy

Influencers have stormed social and caused a buzz. Through their online audiences, brands are now reaching out to them for promotions. This has grown from global celebrities to local personalities with audiences of thousands. It would come as a surprise that a smaller audience of a few thousand still sets one as an influencer.

Businesses are understanding the power of relationships. It is no longer about the masses but a crowd that responds fast. Influencers attract fast conversion at a more affordable cost than celebrities do.

Here is why influencer marketing with promotional products works for businesses today.

1. Low-cost and faster results

Nothing brings down a business faster than a lack of cash flow. Marketing campaigns can be a headache for startups that are bootstrapping. Finding a blend that allows for greater reach at an affordable rate is a win.

Promotional products offer low-cost items that can help businesses meet their marketing goals. While they come free alongside other purchases, their impact is great. Not to mention the results when merged with influencer marketing.

Most followers of influencers will tend to buy from brands recommended to them. The latter does this by recording entertaining or informative videos with a product. Besides, they can post photos wearing a branded T-shirt or with branded custom tote bags.

2. Greater brand exposure

Influencers can give you the results that would otherwise need weeks of activation. By posting a video on a brand’s promotional items, their followers can immediately reach out to the brand. As people engage these gift items as part of their daily use, they expose them to the world on your behalf. Unlike an ad flash on TV, these items are always in front of people’s eyes.

Think about it, the options are more than a handful. From engaging coffee mugs to caps, there’s so much for influencers to work with. Merging the two marketing tactics makes a huge difference.

However, it’s quite important to partner with the influencers in the right niche to promote your products. To do this, you can partner with influencer marketing platforms like Grin, Upfluence, or Humanz. They have big databases and multiple filters to help you to search through them. Humanz even offers the opportunity to start, manage, and finalize campaigns completely via their platform.

3. Instant brand recognition

It helps to increase exposure, but what if people never get to recognize you? A good impression and consistent marketing will rub your image into your audience’s mind. It is hard running away from that. Using free promotional items to advertise yourself, makes your brand gets recognized better. Moreover, with the help of an influencer, you can make it even more successful.

According to technomarketinginc, 89% of consumers remember promotional items from the last two years as well as their promoters. The gift becomes part of their cars, homes, or even offices for some time. This reminds them of your business so that next time they can recognize your product when they see it. Actually, the average consumer hangs on to a promotional item for close to 7 months.

4. Customer loyalty

It doesn’t have to be that you are marketing yourself. Part of great business exposure is maintaining a good reputation. Your customers enjoy knowing that your business is more than making profits. Gift items create a sense of concern and care for loved ones. Businesses looking to empathize with their clients will engage this a lot. Also, having an influencer to back you widens your reach and implores a greater audience to you.


Great marketing means more business. As a brand, paying attention to the upcoming marketing tactics is an effective way of staying ahead of the curve. All the benefits above prove that coupling influencer marketing with promotional items is not a bad idea after all. Even then, looking at what many top businesses are doing, it could be helpful to borrow a leaf.


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