Why Web Developers Should Learn SEO

To become a web developer, you must learn a variety of coding languages so that you can solve a variety of problems that might arise. Web developers mostly work on pages and websites.

However, web development is not always code-based. It takes time to create these websites, and one doesn’t want to waste time creating content that doesn’t rank well in search engines. If the website doesn’t rank well, the content you just spent time on can only hit a small audience.

There are many ways for developers to refine the content they have created for SEO, thus increasing the rating and potential for more viewers, throughout the web development process. In this blog, we will give an explanation of why you should learn SEO and how to optimize your content easily.

Search engine marketing & SEO

Search Engine Marketing is a concept describing the various search marketing technologies. In Search Engine Marketing, SEO is an integral aspect. In search engine results pages, the tactics used to make your site rank higher are called SEO. In its most basic form, SEO is a strategy for attracting free traffic to your website.

Significance of SEO

You may wonder as a programmer or developer why SEO is so important to online space. In reality, Google alone handles over 12 billion searches per month.

Remember, if your site is not indexed, hundreds or even thousands of prospective visitors are likely to lose out. This will improve your employability as well. Because you will be able to apply best SEO practices to websites along with web development.

In every marketing venture, how successful you are online has become the difference between winning and losing. Whether or not the product/service is accessible in the midst of the ever-increasing online rivalry has become one of the major factors.

So you need to properly articulate how the search engines work if you’d like to rank well in Google or any search engine other than that.

What are the methods that search engines use to locate your website?

A search engine must have access to a database of information to provide answers when you type in a question.

Each search engine collects and prioritizes information from websites in its unique way. The method is known as “indexing,” regardless of which techniques are used. When an individual sends a search query, a search engine tries to scan everything found online today to get the information available in its database.

Every search engine has its crawlers. These are extremely sophisticated software scripts that continuously search the internet, index website material, and follow links from one website to the next. Large search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo are constantly indexing billions of websites.

Why does it matter to learn SEO?

Over one billion websites are available on the internet. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) must figure out how to show users the most important results. The better a search engine is at sorting and delivering the best response, the more likely a user will use it again.

Since Google has a whopping 75 percent market share worldwide, people normally use it as the most preferred search engine. An algorithm is a formula that Google uses to determine who gets preference in the search results. Google does not reveal the algorithm.

Google does, however, share certain elements of its algorithm with web developers and others who are involved in improving the visibility of their pages. Google essentially pays tribute to those who take the initiative in regularly updating their websites.

SEO is often considered to be a highly specialized process that only professionals can undertake. Although there are several levels of SEO, from simple to advanced, everyone in the web development business can learn the fundamentals.

1- Can be easily found online

One aspect of web development is a great website. However,  if nobody can find you, what good does it make you look good? Search engine optimization aids invisibility in all such cases.

2- Stand out from your competition

SEO is one way to distinguish between you and the competition. If you get your SEO right, you’ll not only stand out, but you’ll be ahead of the competition.

3- Save money

You will be more accountable for your money if you learn SEO. You can make your website work just as hard as you do without having to pay anyone else to maintain it.

4- Make Money

More traffic would come as a result of good SEO. Understanding how it works and then putting it into practice would result in not just more traffic but also more sales.

5- Own your online presence

If you learn SEO, you will understand how and where you will be online. The more you control your internet presence, the better your future customers will get their first impressions.

6- Learn SEO to become more valuable

The more competent you are, the more valuable you are to your business. Optimization of the search engine is an ability that can be used to properly develop a company.

7- Keep up with the latest industry challenges

The more you know about SEO concepts and accessible digital tools, the better prepared you and your company will be to face market challenges while doing web development.

8- Helps you to become successful

There are a variety of marketing activities that you can select. You spend time, money, or both on each marketing operation. When done correctly, SEO allows you to be more efficient. When you rate well with what you want to be found for, you don’t have to spread yourself by participating in numerous marketing activities.

9- Use SEO as a growth tool

SEO naturally increases the traffic to your site, and increased traffic to a well-designed site means increased sales. With increasing sales, you are expanding your business.


It is always better to learn SEO while doing web development. With good SEO, you will set the standard in your industry, and everyone will look to you as the industry leader.

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