Why WordPress Can Be the Best Website Builder for Your Business Website

Setting up your business on WordPress can be a great strategic move to help grow your brand. It is increasingly becoming popular with brands as more businesses realize the potential of the Internet as a business avenue.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider setting up WordPress.

What will WordPress offer?

The support of the large WordPress community

As the most popular platform on the internet in terms of the total number of websites, WordPress attracts a high amount of support.

Some many forums and guides will help you address any challenging part of the installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of your website.

If you experience any challenges, you could look through already existing solutions or contact any of the large numbers of WordPress specialists who may be able to help.

Mobile compatibility and responsiveness

WordPress websites are increasingly becoming responsive to mobile devices as well, even those without the application.

More people are accessing the internet with mobile devices than ever before, outnumbering even those who use computers to go online.

The potential loss of a large number of clients because of non-responsiveness to mobile interfaces is not as big a risk on WordPress as it is on other platforms. This will ensure your startup reaches more people, which could increase revenue levels.

Plugin options

Why WordPress Can Be the Best Website Builder for Your Business Website

Why WordPress Can Be the Best Website Builder for Your Business Website

The platform offers a variety of tools for many functions. You can customize your website’s operations to suit your needs through any of a number of these tools. The plugins are available for free, even though some may require a premium payment to unlock all features.

If you do not have an allocation for your website on the brand’s budget. You could consider picking one of the exciting free tools available.


You do not need to have experience with the platform to successfully install and configure your website. While it will be easy if you have some technical coding skills, it will be just as easy for a beginner.

The platform is very simple to understand and offers a universal dashboard. The commands and layout are basic and provide users the ability to make changes even after they have finished setting up their website.

This makes it ideal for your startup business because it is a very easy process that will not demand too much effort or any expenses. You may be required to pay for your domain name, but this cost is usually marginal.

Flexibility and versatility

On WordPress, you can create a website type to suit your preferences. In the beginning, users could only create blogs and share blog content. As the open-source code evolved, it allowed more tweaks and changes that led to the incorporation of different types of websites.

On WordPress, you can create blogs, interactive forums, social media websites, e-commerce platforms, and any other type of website you are interested in. You can make changes to the code to suit your needs, as well as install several plugins to change the functionality of your website to your liking.

How to set up your website

Website Build

Getting your design right

After setting up your carriers, you need to design your website layout and features. If you can code, you will be able to take advantage of WordPress’s open-source to design your desired website.

However, if you do not have the technical skills, you will still be able to make a suitable website but would need to use templates and other features of the platform. You may need to use a business website template but could also consider the range of specialized themes available on the platform.

Picking the domain name and hosting

Web Hosting Wordpress

You will need to have a permanent address for your website, which is the domain name. You will also need to find a hosting space. While some shared hosting options are available, you may be better off setting up your business website with a trustworthy web host who offers optimized services for WordPress, such as Bluehost.

You would be better off getting hosting for longer periods as this will be better priced than short-term options. You should consider your location as well as previous customer experience with a web host by reading reviews, before making your choice.

Making final edits

After making your design choices and setting up your hosting, you will need to customize the website to your liking. You will need to insert the theme sample data and update the logo and site for your title page.

You will need to upload your image file if you already have the logo designed. After this, you will need to change the site colors and background themes to suit your brand and rearrange the widgets and other page elements. You should also split your website into pages for easier navigation and smooth transitions.

Attaching your business information

After separating your website into pages, you need to focus on improving the layout before adding your contacts and content. It is important to have a service page, which explains everything about the brand and what services are offered.

Since users are more likely to be drawn to visual content, a picture of your brand’s achievements is also suitable for use here. An “about us” section will help provide customers with more information and could help foster trust. You should also consider adding a contact form to enable visitors to get in touch with you through the website.

While most themes incorporate social media integration, having contact forms will provide more options and will help make your website more trustworthy.

Promotion and maintenance

Wordpress Maintenance

With these four steps, your website is up and running. However, users will not just visit it because they do not yet know about it. You will need to develop online and offline campaigns to increase brand awareness.

If you have a social media page, you could consider running awareness promotions. You can also advertise on relevant websites to reach your desired audiences. You may consider promoting your brand’s website through offline advertising as well.

To take advantage of the website builder’s potential, you may need to hire a WordPress development company to help you get your website just how you envision it.

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