Why You Need to Trim Your Trees at the Right Time of Year

As the leaves begin to make their way to the ground every autumn, all the previously covered branches are finally exposed. For gardeners, this can be the perfect time to inspect each individual branch of your tree. Some might be diseased, and others might be too weak to withstand another spring season. Before the next blooming season arrives, it is important to take advantage of these months to determine how you are going to trim your trees.

Why is it Important to Trim Trees?

Trimming your trees means removing certain unwanted branches from the trunk. As a result, you can improve the tree’s structure and help it maintain good growth. While it is quite normal to let trees grow on their own schedules, following a landscaping routine by trimming your trees essentially improves the quality of your lawn.

Tree trimming Orange County involves looking out for all dead or diseased branches that could be harming the health of your tree. Even branches that are rubbing together should be trimmed to ensure that the tree has enough space to grow properly. During trimming, you can open up the canopy which lets in light and air into the tree, keeping it healthier for the next season.

Through routine trimming and pruning practices, you can help your tree become strong enough to withstand any storms and heavy winds. Some people even trim their trees in specific ways that allow for more flower and fruit growth, especially if they are interested in creating a whole garden for themselves.

Apart from all these reasons, safety is one of the most important reasons why you should trim your trees. When you let your trees grow without maintenance, you are risking dead branches and weak limbs falling close to your property.

If heavy winds persist in your area, these weak branches can fly towards your house and cause significant damage. Sometimes, trees can start growing too close to electrical lines or lights in your garden. In such cases, it is important to trim your trees at the right time to avoid accidents near your house.

Trim the Trees at the Right Time

When Should I Trim Trees?

If you are looking for the perfect time to remove dead or diseased branches from your trees, then you should know that there is no right time to do so. As soon as you notice your tree becoming significantly weak due to damage or disease, it is important to trim it to avoid the spread of the disease or the falling of the tree.

For people who are only looking to trim their trees as part of a landscaping routine, then you can focus on trimming between mid to late winter. During this time, all of the leaves from your tree have likely fallen and the branches are exposed just enough for you to trim them effectively. When you trim your trees in late winter, you are giving the fresh branches time to wait for the warmer weather and start growing again.

Many gardeners tend to avoid trimming their trees in winter due the sap. However, you should know that it is completely normal for trees such as maple to start bleeding when pruned in the winter season. Remember that the sap will not damage your tree in any way, and it should stop flowing out of the true as soon as the warmer weather begins.

If you are planning to trim your trees in fall, we would recommend you delay your plans for a little while. Trimming and pruning your trees in the fall season is a great risk, especially if you encounter a warm fall that could encourage new growth which will be immediately halted as soon as the winter hits. Remember that trimming trees in fall can also introduce disease which can be highly dangerous for your tree.

While it is not recommended to trim your trees in the summer, some experts tend to use this technique to help their trees grow better. These experts know exactly when the seasonal growth has reached its peak, meaning that it is the perfect time to trim their trees to encourage direct growth of the tree itself.

At OC Tree Service Pros, we offer affordable tree services in Orange County and can help guide you regarding the best time(s) to trim your trees. Depending upon the growth rate of your trees and your own priorities, you can always find the perfect time to trim your trees during the year.

Proper Way to Trim a Tree

When you are trimming a tree, remember that the main purpose is to encourage healthy growth. The limbs of the tree should be cut about 1/4th of an inch above the bud, which will be the right direction for future growth. Remember to only cut at 45-degree angles to keep your tree safe from catching diseases or encountering water damage.

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  1. I was wondering if today’s weather would be great to do some landscaping, and I appreciate you answering that. The chilly climate could be great for us to do some garden work that would be too grueling in the summer sun, and I could take this opportunity to do the grittier jobs. Since our trees need some work, I’ll call over a tree service to give us a hand with the trimming needed.

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