Why You Only Need Real Followers On Instagram

Social media has influenced a lot of activities in the professional and personal spaces of almost every person. On an individual level, you must have used one of the platforms to reach friends or family members.

From a professional perspective, you can use social media for marketing your products and services. Instagram has grown to become the best site for entrepreneurs to launch their products. The secret about this service is to amass a huge following so that you enhance your sphere of influence.

The following are reasons why you should create a large pool of loyal and real followers:

An Increased Amount of Income

Having a lot of followers will attract other companies to advertise their products on your account. These adverts convert into money because you are paid for every view or click by your followers. Companies are continually looking for a platform to market their offerings.

With your million followers, there is no doubt that some companies will contact you. Some Instagram users are invited to particular restaurants or travel to various destinations on paid tickets to give exposure to these facilities to their followers. Therefore, be sure to keep a following that is worth the demographics that reputable companies look for.

You Can Become an Influencer

With more real instagram followers, your account will gain credibility, and you will become an influencer. The meaning of this title is that other users will request your services to boost engagement on their accounts. If you offer food or fashion products, interested entities like restaurants and apparel stores will approach you to help them get more attention.

Inspiring Change

If you manage to draw people to your account, you indeed become influential. You also gain the autonomy to create change. In case there is an issue, you can come up with a hashtag and make it go viral. Many of the followers will repost so that mainstream media picks it up. This is a powerful way of advancing environmental and social issues to a wider audience. Just by posting a picture or video of the matter, you may reach a significant group of people to take action.

Social Value

Gaining real followers is very gratifying. Many people tend to be attracted to social value, and there is no way to express it other than having a pool of real followers. People around you will even regard you with high esteem, meaning your opinions will be taken seriously.

More Clients for Your Business

Instagram is a perfect platform to market your business. As you gain real followers, you popularize yourself and your business. New visitors to your profile will have the impression that your business is already popular so they will subscribe to it.

Your existing followers could also transform into customers as soon as they acquire the need or ability to purchase your products. Many companies have identified this strategy to be a game-changer in boosting the volume of sales.

Building Trust

Many clients on social media will subscribe to a product depending on the number of followers the account holds. If the followers are thousands or millions, the brand is likely to appear trustworthy. Take an example of an account that has less than 50 subscribers. People will doubt your authenticity and move to the next account that has a massive following. For your account to be taken seriously, strive to gain more, but real followers.

Affiliate Marketing

You certainly have a better chance of engaging in affiliate marketing if you win real followers. A company can approach you to sell its products if you have a good following. Both parties agree on the sharing percentages of the revenue accrued. More followers can win your business with some of the best players in the industry. Build your prospects of gaining more income through sales programs and affiliate marketing.

Website Traffic

You could be working on a website or blog as part of your social media endeavor. Having real Instagram followers gives you an edge in terms of website traffic. You simply need to post the URLs and pictorials of the website on your bio. Many of your followers are interested in your other activities apart from Instagram. This curiosity will lead them to click on the links. Remember that website traffic also converts into money.


No doubt that having real followers exposes you to many opportunities of becoming famous and diversifying your sources of income. However, the followers must be credible since companies scrutinize whether the accounts belong to real individuals. If you overlook this guideline, you will be surprised to have thousands of followers with no impact on your revenue.

Apart from business, you will get to interact with real people and get insights from other influential people. You also get a chance to express your thoughts and ideas with people who follow you and with whom you share ideologies.

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