Why You Should Consider a Solo Wellness Retreat

Vacations come in many shapes and forms, so you’re always tempted to try yet another local road trip, a beach getaway, or a week-long hiking adventure somewhere in the mountains. Over the years, and especially due to the pandemic, the hype for wellness travel has surged. More people are expressing their interest in spending their travel time in complete relaxation, in order to recuperate from the difficulties and stress caused by the health crisis.

What’s more, the social distancing rules have inspired many to start traveling on their own. If you’re a woman looking for a safe and restorative way to travel solo, then wellness retreats are the ideal combination of bringing the very best of both worlds. For those who aren’t convinced just yet, consider the following perks of attending a wellness retreat on your own in 2021.

Safety comes first

Safety comes first

Most people worry about safety when they think about traveling on their own. As reasonable as this might be, wellness and other retreats are perhaps the safest way to travel on your own. You’ll spend time with people who are there for the same reasons – to relax and get better. You’ll book a package that ensures the right service and care for your needs.

What’s more, you’ll get assurance from the organizers as to what kind of precautions they’re taking to keep you safe in every possible way. That includes how they’re containing the spread of the virus, their hygiene rules, as well as their security systems to make sure your things are safe and secure. Wellness retreats are wholesome and designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so safety will be the last of your concerns.

Defeating the post-pandemic stress

Defeating the post pandemic stress

Can you imagine yourself finally letting go of all the pandemic-induced tension and anxiety while breathing deeply on a Bali beach somewhere? Solo travel for a stress-detoxing yoga retreat can be the bliss-packed getaway you need. Tropical fruit as your breakfast food, the pure ocean breeze to greet you in the morning, and the company of some of the finest instructors the world has seen.

That’s why spending your solo trip on a soothing Bali retreat dedicated to meditation, healing yoga, and delightful spa treatments is precisely what you need in 2021. You’ll finally see what self-care truly means and you’ll get to do it on your own terms, at your own pace.

Ideal for boosting your wellbeing

Ideal for boosting your wellbeing

Wellness retreats across the world have different central ideas, but most strive to elevate your health, not just make your skin more radiant with those delightful masks and massages, but also improve your posture, sleep, and overall quality of life.

Since you’re coming alone, you have the freedom and the time to really think about what will make you feel better and what will help you improve your life. Maybe you need some sauna time, or a weekend yoga getaway to work on your flexibility and endurance. Then again, maybe you’d enjoy a sleep therapy program in the Maldives or a surfing retreat in Morocco for an action-packed, wellness-boosting retreat.

Get to know yourself better

Get to know yourself better

Solo travel, especially the kind focused on boosting your health, is the best opportunity for introspection. Although you’ll meet plenty of new people along the way, you will spend many moments on your own, devoting your attention to your surroundings, the sounds, the aromas, and the flavors. You’ll finally have the time to consider some of your life’s goals and aspirations.

This is also a good moment to rethink how you think about yourself. Are you perhaps too self-critical in your thoughts? Do you know how to be your own cheerleader instead of bringing yourself down with constant criticism? Positive self-talk can do wonders for your emotional and mental health.

Invaluable expert guidance

Invaluable expert guidance

Unlike the frenzied tours with guides you can barely see or hear (hence the colorful umbrellas to avoid getting lost in the mazes of people passing by), wellness retreats in exotic places give you access to some of the world’s finest health and fitness experts. You get the benefits of carefully chosen and prepared meals, nutrition advice, regular hydration, and not to mention exercise selection just for you and your needs.

More often than not, you get to work out in the fresh air, away from any urban noise and pollution. Training with expert guidance also empowers you to train more mindfully and build up that mindset for the future. It will help you immerse yourself in the experience, embrace all the available knowledge, and apply it even when it’s time for the retreat to end.

This is the right time to heal and take matters into your own hands. While group gatherings and travel might not yet be entirely allowed everywhere in the world, wellness travel takes social distancing as well as cleanliness into account to keep you safe in every way.

Allowing yourself this spiritual escapade will help you restore your sense of balance in life, appreciate yourself more, and find ways to weave some serenity into your everyday life once you come home.

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  1. I never knew that wellness retreats can help you relax and defeat stress that’s trying to rule over your life. My colleague asked me for advice on how to destress. I think he should consider trying this out so he can get his sleep routines back.

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