Why You Should Opt for Soft Dog Crates Over Normal Ones

Having a pet crate or carrier can save so much time. They offer many benefits when you are toilet training a new puppy and they keep your pet secure.

They can both be used for travel, especially as airlines restrict flying unless your pet is properly contained.

With the right equipment, you will be allowed to fly with a crate. But many people prefer to avoid the hassle by going for a soft pet carrier instead.

Pet carriers can be taken on board a plane but the process is much easier, mainly because your pet can travel by your side in the cabin. They do not need to be placed in cargo as a crate would. The only downside is that they are aimed at small animal breeds.


Pet Crates

Pet crates compared to soft dog carriers are often larger and some consider them more secure. They can be made from several materials, including wood and metal, which makes them stand apart from soft carriers. Conventional pet crates tend to cost more than soft carriers.


Soft Pet Carriers

Soft crates or carriers look a lot lighter than conventional crates. They are most commonly used with small dogs. To find out more read this article.

Where soft crates excel is when it comes to transporting your animal. Some come in plastic, but soft-sided ones are very popular.

Like heavier crates, these soft-sided examples can be used in homes as smalls den for your pets. They operate just like heavier crates.

The benefits people associate with soft crates start with being a lot cheaper than the heavier ones.

You save money when you buy a soft crate. The majority cost less than the $200 mark. Of course, prices vary depending on the brand and the size of the unit but they generally cost less.

Most of the soft crates you will find on the market are made from lightweight materials and so are light to carry. This makes traveling more convenient and much less effort.

Soft crates, which are usually used for smaller breeds, make their contents much easier to carry and are all but guaranteed to be accepted for in-cabin use.


Indeed, soft carriers are the only crates allowed for in-cabin use. The alternatives can only be stowed away in the cargo hold.

This is a huge benefit for any owner who has an anxious pet. It means the nervous animal can be comforted directly during the flight. There is no doubt that pets find it a lot less scary when traveling by plane if they can be in the cabin. This has the added bonus that it is bound to mean fewer “accidents” during a journey.

Soft and hard crates are two different sides of a similar coin but people can mix them up. Both offer advantages and have disadvantages but as a dog owner, it’s a good idea to keep your options as open as possible.

Conventional hard pet crates can be more useful and have practical advantages if you have a bigger dog but they do tend to come with a much heftier price tag.


Soft crates, however, are more attractive to owners – especially those with smaller dogs – because they are not only cheaper but easier to transport.

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